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Heaven Spot – Singapore’s First-Ever Beginner-Friendly Graffiti Art Studio!

In spite of Singapore’s stringent laws regarding vandalism and destruction of property, many private spaces have opened up throughout the past few years to provide avenues for Singaporeans to destress and unwind with reckless abandon. Joining a slew of other like-minded organisations such as The Fragment Room, Heaven spot is our nation’s first-ever graffiti art studio where one can vandalise walls in spray paint without a government certified permit!

Branded as a safe, judgement-free zone for individuals to try out graffiti art, “Heaven Spot” is actually a graffiti term that refers to highly perilous, hard-to-reach places such as rooftops and highway signs. Housed inconspicuously within a run-down industrial building along Lorong 3 Bakar Batu, Heaven Spot is most easily distinguishable by its grunge, underground vibe which is further amplified by upbeat background music.

Worth an estimated $40 for one participant, $78 for two, $114 for three, $148 for four, and $180 for five, Heaven Spot provides each customer with 30 square feet per pax to paint on, 2 cans of paint per person in colours of your choice, a pair of safety goggles, a ladder, overalls, and a gas mask to keep you from inhaling paint fumes, free of charge!

All participants will also be guided on the basics of spray painting and various techniques before the start of their session, though all are invited to let their creativity direct their individual processes.

Currently available for private bookings only, each session will run an estimated 1-hour with a maximum capacity of 5 participants per timeslot. In this way, Covid-19 safety regulations are upheld by ensuring that all patrons will not be crossing paths with strangers, other than the staff. Participants are also permitted to bring their own food and drinks if they wish, and can opt for equipment upgrades such as additional spray paint and more comfortable pro gas masks for an added cost of $5. Participants are also invited to bring a piece of their work home at an extra cost of $15!


Heaven Spot

Address: 3 Lorong Bakar Batu, #03-01, Singapore 348741

Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday: 5pm – 10pm | Friday to Sunday: 10am to 9pm

Telephone: 8268 3160


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