Hong Kong's Famed Small Potatoes Ice Creamery Opens Its 2nd Outlet Here

Purple potatoes got their name from the vibrant violet colour on their skin, which indicates the abundance of antioxidants packed in these staple food that have been supporting the longevity of Okinawa people. Also known to improve digestion, enhance endurance and lower blood pressure, purple potatoes are usually enjoyed in the form of mash, fries or as a supplementary superfood to any stir-fry.
Firmly believing that flavour and health can co-exist, Small Potatoes Ice Creamery has opened its second outlet right in the hustle and bustle of Somerset to serve up a unique purple potato rendition that both the young and the young-at-heart would not resist – Purple Potato Soft Serve.
Mixed Ice Cream Cone $5.50
A high tower of mixed Japanese Sea Salt and Purple Potato swirls atop a crunchy cone, this kid’s favourite was finished off with dusts of purple potato powder and a much-loved purple potato chip. The sea salt soft serve is a result of boiling pinches of sea salt with high quality hokkaido milk, while the purple potato counterparts share the same vanilla-based formula but emits an entirely different aftertaste of the mildly sweet potato.
The occasional switch from salty to sweet teased our tastebuds, and it lived up to the hype of soft serves with its smooth and creamy consistency. Its lightness is pleasing to the palate, which is mostly attributable to the freshness of hokkaido milk.
Small Potato Party $9.50
Their signature parfait had almost everyone who popped by unable to resist getting one – with Japanese mini potato, purple potato paste and sticks, Warabi green tea mochi, shiratama, azuki beans and crispy rice, we see it as a party to celebrate the multiple benefits of this purple health food.
Their purple potato paste is directly shipped from Komamoto, which further shows how committed they are in using only real and fresh ingredients. The shiratama is firm and chewy, while the Warabi green tea mochi almost melts in your mouth. When eaten together with all the other complements in the parfait – and you should do the same, this is inevitably the star of the day.
Fans of all things-DIY, they got you covered. Feel free to customise their parfaits from a whooping selection of 18 toppings at $0.50/$0.80 each. The unique Soybean Warabi Mochi caught our eye while the Doriyaki sounds alluring on its own. Granola with Fruits is the perfect pairing with all things creamy, so is the iconic Caramel Popcorn that will sweeten up your week.
Their latest range of creations include 8 flavours of mini ice cream cups, designed in portable and convenient 100g sizes that are also given the healthier choice stamp by the Health Promotion Board. Each adding up to less than 200kcal, these handy solutions for all ice cream cravings are both nutritious and affordable at just $2.50 – $3.00 a cup.
Small Potatoes Ice Creamery
Address: #B3-48 313 Somerset, 313 Orchard Road, Singapore 238895
Opening hours: Daily 1130 – 2200
Contact: +65 6634 3168

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