How To Make Beautiful Fruit Flower Sandwiches

Yet again, Japan has surprised us with their creative ingenuity by transforming a humble snack into a beautiful fruit flower sandwich. 

With a few simple steps, you’ll be able to create your very own IG-worthy sandwich, using only fruits and slices of bread (and of course, your infinite creativity!)

You’ll need:

  • Bread – 12 slices (you may opt to use Hokkaido Milk Bread to make it extra delicious. You can get it here)
  • Fresh cream – 200ml
  • Mascarpone cheese – 200g
  • Granulated sugar – 30g
  • Fruit: Strawberries, mandarins, green kiwi fruit, yellow kiwi fruit, mango, seedless green grapes, seedless red grapes, bananas


  1. Add fresh cream and granulated sugar to a bowl and whisk for 6 minutes. Then add mascarpone cheese and mix for 7 minutes.

  2. Cut the fruits as such:
  • Mandarins — Peel the skin and leave as-is
  • Yellow kiwi fruit — Slice, apply cream on top and roll into a roll
  • Bananas — Cut into a flower shape
  • Strawberries — Cut into a tulip shape
  • Mango — Cut into a flower shape
  • Red grapes — Leave as-is
  • Green kiwi fruit — Sliced to resemble a flower stem
  • Green grapes — Cut in half to resemble leave

3. Spread the cream on two slices of bread, place the fruit on top and layer with more cream. Sandwich it with another slice of bread!

4.Wrap sandwiches in plastic wrap and let it set in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

5.Cut sandwiches into half diagonally.

Now you can bless your eyes and your Instagram feed with these beautiful sandwiches that look too good to be eaten!

All images and recipe courtesy of: Tastemade Japan

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