I Stopped Wearing Makeup For A Week And I Felt Great But I’m Not Doing It Ever Again


Bare-faced?! For a whole week?! It felt like the most difficult task ever because I’ve been vain since young.

But wait – was there really a need for me to get all upset about having one less thing to do in the morning, aka getting more z’s? I took a step back. No makeup = 30 more minutes of sleep.

Challenge accepted, I guess.  

Honestly, I’m never one to use makeup as a mask to hide my lack of confidence. I simply love feeling like a badass woman that could cut a b*itch.

The euphoria from looking at the mirror after applying a full-face makeup makes my whole day a lot better because when I look good, I feel good.

To everyone who’s afraid of being exposed of relying on makeup to make you confident, don’t be – makeup enhances your looks and makes you feel good about yourself. That’s all it really is.

And here’s why you should join me – no makeup reduces the amount of problems you face, prevents wrinkles from forming on your face overtime, and lesser bacteria on your face means lesser pimples popping out and voila, healthier skin!


Note: I still religiously apply lip balm at least 7 times a day and moisturize in the morning and at night – no makeup does not mean no skincare.


Woke up half an hour later after hitting the snooze button a couple more times. It felt great not having to worry if I had enough time to apply a perfectly thin eyeliner and conceal the acne scars on my face.   

What surprised me the most was how everyone in office couldn’t tell that I was completely bare-faced, with some saying I looked as good as I usually do.

Maybe this experiment wasn’t going to be as difficult as I thought it was. I got my confidence booster and I felt great about being bare-faced.


This day was pretty uneventful right until I was assigned to attend a tasting event at Magnum – a luxurious ice cream store ice cream store known for bedazzling the heck out of their ice creams with edible gems and pretty drizzles. I secretly panicked at the thought of being not as gorgeous as an ice cream.

So I began minding my own business, tasting the ice cream as elegantly as I could. If I couldn’t have colour on my cheeks, I could still have poise and grace.

Two ladies –  who were addressed as ‘influencers’ by the Magnum manager – walked into the store looking all girly with their flowy dresses and faces full of makeup that made me as envious as Anastasia was of Cinderella.

Anxiety kicked in. They’re going to know that I have no makeup on and judge me for that! My hand itched to reach for a lipstick in my bag just to cover up my pale lips and feel a tiny bit better. I resisted the temptation.

Then it hit me that I will only feel insecure if there are better-looking people around me. And that’s a toxic thought to have. Does this mean I always want to look better than everyone else? Am I a narcissist?!

I certainly hope not.

Artboard 1 copy 2

The insecurities grew and it became overwhelming. I wished I had even a tiny bit of makeup to hide my pale skin.

Is that a societal norm now? To pile on makeup to make us confident when we’re actually crumbling on the inside?

But somehow my acne spots disappeared and my skin was slightly glowy. Boy, did I feel good about my glowy skin.

Was that a sign that my skin has had ample rest?


It’s the weekend which means I finally get to carry out my usual Saturday routine that consists of a morning yoga class and then brunch with my friend.

I love love love being bare-faced on the weekends as I have no one to impress. Plus, no one is really judging me for being myself on my rest days.

If not for this experiment, weekends are the only time when my skin can breathe freely.

Bet you didn’t know that unclogging your pores for at least twice a week results in clearer skin.

You’ll always feel happier when your skin is healthier.


The times where I don’t feel obliged to put on makeup is around my family. The self-consciousness in me just disappears whenever I’m around them.  

Of course, there wasn’t a need for a single drop of makeup when I’m having a meal with them.

I felt free, happy and full.


Back to work and I’ve never felt happier on this joyous occasion as it’s the last day I’ll ever be bare-faced during the weekdays.

The countdown to 6PM began, with my arsenal of makeup products laying in wait in my bag. I was prepared to apply the heaviest makeup I’ve ever had on for the shoot later in the evening.


Makeup isn’t entirely about hiding our insecurities; it’s about putting a little more positivity into everything around us.  

Conclusion: I liked that there were visible results – clearer skin, slightly fairer complexion and lesser pores. But I must confess – I’ll still put on makeup during the weekdays as we all have to look presentable for any events, no?

Or maybe I just use makeup to cover up for my lack of confidence – I’m still surprised at the realisation that I only get antsy when I’m barefaced in front of others whom I deem “prettier” than me. And until I can turn a deaf ear to what others might think of me, going to work with makeup is still the safest option.

Going to work or anywhere else without makeup is like sleeping without a chou chou – not necessary, but it just doesn’t feel right, and can be weaned off as I become a more confident person – because ultimately makeup isn’t a shield to hide behind, it’s a sword to fight my battles with.

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