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IKEA Singapore To Release Furniture With A Built-In Speaker In Collaboration With Sonos!

IKEA is one of the most popular places to get your desired furniture due to their stylish designs and relatively affordable prices. For the first time ever, IKEA Singapore will be collaborating with Sonos in the release of their very first furniture that can play your favourite tunes!


Coming soon this September, IKEA will be introducing two products known as the SYMFONISK WiFi speakers, one of which can double as a wall shelf and another, a table lamp!


These ‘furniture speakers’ connect to your mobile devices via WiFi, so you do not have to worry about having your phone calls broadcasted to the whole house. Each mobile device can connect to multiple speakers, thus you can have your music echoed throughout the place!


According to their international website, each speaker is retailed at USD99 and USD189 respectively, so we can roughly expect to see the same prices in Singapore. The SYMFONISK WiFi speakers will officially launch in Singapore on 3 September 2020 at all IKEA outlets!

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