Indulge In Your Favourite Local Treats With These National Day Treats

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Combining two of Singaporeans’ favourite things, good food and good deals!

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To get you into the National Day spirit this August, we thought it only made sense to do something that every Singaporean loves to do–eat, of course! 

To make the deal even sweeter, we’ve rounded up the best dining lobangs for some of our most loved local treats, because which Singaporean doesn’t love a good discount?

So if you’re wondering where to go and what to eat in Singapore this month, here is a list of 6 must-try local foods that’ll have you feeling more patriotic than ever.

Ya Kun2
Photo: @lohnoms

1. Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Every Singaporean knows Ya Kun Kaya Toast and their signature kaya spread! Their iconic kaya toast with butter sets have been a breakfast and tea time favourite for generations!

Today, Ya Kun Kaya Toast continues to innovate and develop new items to delight the next generation.

One of the newer additions to the menu – but one that’s fast becoming a fan favourite – are the Kaya Balls ($2.80)!

Reminiscent of the popular street snack, the egg waffle, these doughy balls are crisp and light on the outside but are packed with a rich gooey kaya centre! These sweet bite-sized snacks are highly addictive and will have you hankering for more!

If you’re in the mood for something savoury, Ya Kun Kaya Toast also offers an array of locally inspired sandwiches such as the Rendang Chicken Toastwich, the Fish Otah Toastwich and the Chicken Char Siew Toastwich!

They’re all great options for anyone who’s looking for something that’s just a little heartier than the usual tea-time toast, and all these sandwiches are available at just $4 each.

It doesn’t get anymore Singaporean than this!

From now till 31 August 2019, CapitaStar members can redeem a $5 Ya Kun Kaya Toast eVoucher for just 4,500 STAR$. The eVoucher can be used at any of the participating Ya Kun Kaya Toast outlets!

2. Butterknife Folk Gelato

Visit their new Funan outlet for a daily surprise. Without a fixed menu every day, you can look forward to a rotating menu of innovative flavours that are freshly made in-house!

Butterknife Folk’s controversial Chicken Rice gelato will be making a comeback this 5th to 11th August in conjunction with their National Day celebrations. The limited-edition gelato comes complete with rice, black sauce and even chilli! Put your national pride to the test. This flavour is something not to be missed!

Other interesting must-try local flavours include Mua Chee, Nonya Pineapple Tart, Gula Melaka Pandan Cake and of course, the Milo Van Milo – and we all know that milo from the milo van is literally the best milo ever!

From now till 31 August 2019, CapitaStar members can exchange 100 STAR$ to get a single scoop of any local flavoured gelato for $4.50 (U.P. $5) at Butterknife Folk’s new Funan outlet!

Butterknife folk_web large

A handful of bursting deliciousness!

3. Wong Kee Wanton Noodles

Wong Kee Wanton Noodles has been a local mainstay in the food scene for many years, but their affordable home-styled dishes are always worth mentioning! From the noodles to the wanton skin, sauces and roasted meats, everything is made in-house.

Visit Wong Kee’s new store at Funan for their signature wanton noodles with a twist.  Aside from the good old traditional egg noodles we all know and love, sample their spinach and tomato variations too! Besides the usual wanton noodles, a dish we’d recommend has to be their highly raved Dumpling Tomato Noodles ($7.80) that comes with a side of plump dumplings and tender char siew!

The stars in this dish are the springy noodles and the well-balanced and tangy homemade tomato sauce. Both elements come together perfectly to create a delectable dish that’s both sweet and savoury.

Besides the noodles, be sure to get an order of Dumpling Soup ($6.80) that comes packed with their meaty dumplings! The dumplings envelope a generous mix of minced meat, black fungus, chestnuts and mushrooms.

Wong Kee Wanton_Web Large

Tradition never tasted so good!

From now till 31 August 2019, for just 300 STAR$, CapitaStar members can redeem a $5 Wong Kee Wanton eVoucher which you can use with a minimum spend of $30 dollars in a single receipt! So grab your friends and family, and dig into this deal while stocks last!

4. Wok Master

Enjoying a hearty zi char meal with our family and friends is a heartwarming Singaporean tradition that we can all relate to.

The best part about having everyone gather around the table is more than just sampling the wide variety of dishes available, but also sharing food and making memories together!

Wok Master is the place to go for affordable, local comfort food. Not only do they serve up delicious zi char dishes, but when you eat at Wok Master, you can enjoy your piping hot meal in a comfortable, air-conditioned space!

Wok Master specialty is their braised superior chicken ($20 for half, $38 for whole). The dish features farm-fresh chicken that’s braised in an herbal stock alongside a generous serving of fish maw, mushrooms, black fungus and tofu. The braising process infuses all the ingredients with a rich, mellow and umami flavour and leaves the chicken soft and tender.

If you’re in the mood for some classic zi char fare, don’t pass on their signature Curry Fish Head! The fish head is stewed to perfection in a fragrant curry sauce that is well-balanced mix of sweet and spicy, but still packs a punch. Ideal for your next family gathering!

Wok Master 982x818
Wok-tastic taste explosions!

Wok Master has a pretty extensive menu. To help you sample more for less, from now till 31 October 2019, CapitaStar members can use 500 STAR$ to redeem a $10 Wok Master eVoucher which can be used with the minimum spend of $50 every weekday!

5. Fish Skin from London Fat Duck

A snack that’s exploded onto the local scene in recent years has been deep-fried fish skins! It’s so easy to see why these flavourful addictive bites have found its way into all our pantries.

Looking to try something new for a change? Besides the ever-popular Salted Egg Yolk fish skin ($8), London Fat Duck also offers an interesting Italian Black Truffle fish skin ($10) as well!

We highly recommend the Sichuan Mala fish skin for an interesting party snack that packs a real punch – these fish skins definitely don’t skimp on spice!

From now till 31 August 2019, CapitaStar members can use 200 STAR$ to purchase one packet of Sichuan Mala, Salted Egg Yolk or Black Truffle fish skin from London Fat Duck at $4!

London Fat duck 982x818
You can’t duck your cravings for this!

6. Sambal Star Burger by Carl’s Jr

When you think of Carl’s Jr, you might not think of traditional Singaporean fare. But the famous burger joint’s Sambal Star Burger ($7.90) is one of the latest locally inspired dishes we can’t wait to sink our teeth into.

The burger features a spicy, sweet sambal sauce with either a juicy 100% chargrilled beef patty or tender and crispy Hand-Breaded™ chicken fillet.

Picking between the two burger choices can be tough, but whichever you choose, you really can’t go wrong (#ProTip: Buy Both).

To complement all the delectable sambal sauce and delicious patties, the Sambal Star Burger is also topped with fresh, crisp cucumbers and grilled sweet onions rings

Now how can we say no to that?
$5 Sambal Star 1125 x 750

See stars with the Sambal Star Burger!

From now till 31 August 2019, CapitaStar members can use 100 STAR$ to get a Sambal Star Burger from Carl’s Jr at just $5. Just log into your CapitaStar App to redeem it today, and hurry, because it’s only while stocks last! 

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