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IPPUDO Singapore is Launching Cheese and Wakayama Ramen

The long wait is over: IPPUDO Singapore is finally launching their version of cheese ramen, and it promises to be irresistibly good. 

Called the Umakara Spicy Cheese Tonkotsu, this bowl of cheesy goodness is peppered with a mountain of parmesan cheese and draped with irresistible melted mozzarella cheese. That gooey cheese pull? It’s definitely going to happen. Accompanying the cheese are torched chashu, crispy deep-fried diced potatoes, umami egg, broccoli and served with a side of garlicky cherry tomatoes and juicy torched bacon cubes. Available from 16 March 2020 at Mandarin Gallery and Mohamed Sultan outlets only. 

The restaurant will also be launching Wakayama Ramen, a dish originally from Wakayama City, Japan. This ramen flavour, a bestseller in IPPUDO Thailand, is recognised for its original tonkotsu that’s married with a dash of chicken broth to produce a rich body yet mild finish. It comes complete with a mix of loin and belly chashu, umami egg, fish cake, bamboo shoots, seaweed, fresh spring onions, and is served with a side of marinated bean sprouts. Tip: For some crunch, simply toss in some takana (Japanese pickled mustard greens)! Available from 16 March 2020 at Shaw Centre, Westgate, Tanjong Pagar, The Star Vista & Marina Bay Sands outlets only. 

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