Jamie's Italian, Singapore launches a new menu suited for different palates

Jamie’s Italian – undoubtedly, a household name among both foodies and non-foodies worldwide. Beyond television screens, renowned British chef, Jamie Oliver has blessed the world with his gift in the kitchen by establishing restaurants all over the world. Jamie’s Italian, one of the restaurants under his name, has established more than 50 outlets worldwide with two of them being right here in Singapore at VivoCity and at Forum, Orchard Road.

Jamie’s Italian Forum, Orchard Road

Jamie’s Italian, VivoCity

With Jamie’s Italian keeping itself fresh and exciting for customers with their ever-evolving menu that is switched up twice a year, you can be sure you will find something that fits your palate perfectly. In fact, their new and refreshed menu which was launched end May will be one for the truffle-crazed, the carnivore or for the health conscious and vegans but will still retain its rustic and classic Italian essence. No doubt, it is a menu that suits individuals with tastebuds on complete ends of the spectrum.

Crostini Selection ($15.00++)
For starters, the classic Italian Crostini Selection is a perfect choice that not only provides variety but also, wakes your tastebuds while not having to worry about being too full to move on to the main courses. With different toppings individually served on small slices of toasted bread, the Crostini Selection features the Tomato Crostini ($15.00++) which is put together from a succulent and juicy balsamic-roasted cherry tomato that is married beautifully with the delicate sweetness of artisanal ricotta and basil.
Also on the platter is the Salumi Crostini ($15.00++)  which moulds the textures of the crispy salumi and velvety whipped buffalo ricotta into one.
The Crab & Avocado Crostini ($15.00++) which combines the unlikely ingredients of fresh white and brown crab, fennel, smashed avocado, yoghurt and chilli into a single, delightful dish is also served on the platter. If you have a single favourite upon trying the Crostini Selection, you would be delighted to know that the different Crostinis are available individually as well so do keep that in mind the next time you pay Jamie’s Italian another visit!
Crispy Mushroom Fritti ($11.00++)
Crispy Mushroom Fritti
Definitely a prime starter choice for Vegans, Vegetarians or just, mushroom fans, the Crispy Mushroom Fritti probably draws parallels to the classic, stock appetiser that dominates a fixed place on the appetiser menu of many restaurants – French Fries. However, Jamie’s Italian takes a  twist on that and not only conceives a similar taste but also, gives you the bonus of being  spared from the extra calories (does that not sound attractive enough?)
Coated with crunchy deep-fried bread crumbs that seals in the moisture of Portobello mushrooms, expect to bite into each mushroom wedge to release the juiciness of the rich and earthy flavour of the Portobello mushroom. Accompanied by a flavoursome garlic mayo sauce on the side, the Crispy Mushroom Fritti will soon topple French Fries off your “go-to appetisers” list, it definitely did for us.
Seared Tuna ($33.00++)
Seared Tuna
The Seared Tuna is a definite go-to for those looking for a meat-fix that is not only packed with interesting flavours and textures but also, fills your stomach in a way that doesn’t sit too heavily (No more worries about a meat-induced food coma!)
The tuna is seared to golden-brown perfection on the exterior but what lies on the interior is the deep pink color of the tuna that has been cooked to medium doneness. Taste wise, the exterior of the tuna will give your tastebuds a pleasant surprise as it coats your tongue with a slightly smoked flavour which is of just the appropriate amount of saltiness. Adding to the white and pink hues of the tuna, these thick slices of tuna steak sit on a bed of bright green avocadoes which are smashed into a thick and creamy paste that is drizzled with extra virgin olive oil accompanied by a medley of orange and red cherry tomatoes topped with deep green basil leaves. The seared tuna is not only a feast for the stomach but also, a visual feast for the eyes.
Truffle Shuffle ($26.50++)
Shuffle your way to Truffle heaven with Truffle Shuffle, a pizza dish which (literally) encapsulates the aromatic and flavour profile of truffle. The earthy yet distinctive taste of truffle lies in the base of the pizza – a creamy and rich béchamel sauce which is infused with truffle, how luxurious does that sound for a pizza base?
Definitely another highlight of the dish would have to be the oozy, molten egg-centre lying atop melted Fontal cheese which awaits your bursting (and what would bursting a molten egg be without the typical Instagram shot). Bursting the molten egg would not only mean having the perfect Instagram Boomerang shot, it would also mean adding another dimension of texture on top of the chewiness of the dough as the runny yolk which spreads and coats the pizza, gives it an overall, creamier texture.
We know that onions are an acquired taste but the balsamic onions which top the pizza is such an enticing medley of sweet and tangy and the way that it marries so well with the pungent taste of shaved black truffle in your mouth may just change the way you look at onions.
Available only at Jamie’s Italian VivoCity.
280g Rib-Eye Steak ($46.00++)
The ultimate deal for those who are close to labelling themselves as carnivores, the 280g Rib-Eye Steak will bring out the boldest flavours you have ever tasted with each Rib-Eye being handpicked to ensure top notch quality and taste – you can be assured that this dish will not be lacking in the flavour department. Chargrilled to a deep, crusty brown on the exterior while retaining a medium-done interior, each bite into the succulent steak is tender, juicy and packed full of flavour, almost like biting into a juicy fruit. Adorned lightly with the classic Italian condiment of gremolata, the Rib-Eye steak will be sure to tingle your senses.
Framing the star of the dish are juicy and buttery chargrilled portobello mushrooms, pumpkin chips which gustatorily disguise themselves perfectly as french fries, a tinge of green with a lightly dressed salad that provides a visual contrast to the grilled brown of the steak and balsamic onions that add a delightful hint of needed sweetness to this overall, savoury dish.
Truffle Ravioli ($26.50++)
Truffle Ravioli

Back by popular demand from the Valentine’s Day special menu, the Truffle Ravioli will be sure to make you feel the romance of Valentine’s Day despite it being long over as you fall in love with the truffle-infused creamy goodness of this dish. Leaving a subtle taste of truffle lingering on your tongue, the robust flavour of truffle is packed in the freshly minced Black Winter Truffle filling which is sealed in these little Italian dumplings that rests on a bed of creamy white sauce. Tasting as rich as it sounds, you will leave the restaurant stuffed but happy.
Available only at Jamie’s Italian Forum, Orchard Road.
Truffle Mashed Potato ($7.50++)
Another truffle dish? Yes please! A rendition on the classic and homely mashed potatoes that serves as a perfect side dish, Jamie’s Italian takes it up a notch by adding truffle. What is conceived out of this combination is a complexity of flavours between hints of earthiness from the truffle and the buttery flavour of the fluffy, pillow-like mashed russet potatoes which have been blended with cream and butter. Of course, the classic mashed potato with gravy will always have a special place in our hearts but the Truffle Mashed Potato could be your next favourite alternative if there’s ever a day you feel like switching it up.
Available only at Jamie’s Italian VivoCity
Creamy Panna Cotta ($12.50++)
There’s always space for dessert and the Creamy Panna Cotta will be just enough to fill that space in your tummy. The Creamy Panna Cotta is a dish that delivers an explosion of flavours in your mouth as the tartness of the berry compote cuts through the full-bodied flavour from the creamy vanilla custard vessel.  What may seem like a discordance of flavours initially, eventually settles into a delightful union as the contrasting flavours of the sweet vanilla and tarte berries results in an overall, pleasant dulcet flavour. Pleasant not only to the tastebuds but also to the eyes, the panna cotta is topped with the vibrantly colored berry compote and garnished with spiced crumbles. This is definitely an option for those who would prefer something light for dessert.
Jamie’s Italian VivoCity
1 Harbourfront Walk #01-165/166/167
VivoCity, Singapore 098585
Opening hours:
Sunday – Thursday
12PM – 9PM
Friday and Saturday
+65 6733 5500
Jamie’s Italian Forum, Orchard Road
583 Orchard Road, #01-01/04
Forum Shopping Mall, Singapore 238884
Opening hours:
Friday and Saturday
+65 6655 7676

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