JYPSY Is PS. Cafe’s New Japanese Restaurant That Has Good Food, Affordable Prices, And A Unique Nomadic Interior

PS. Cafe’s delivers yet again, this time with premium Japanese produce

As an ardent fan of Japanese cuisine, I’m always down for trying out new Japanese eateries. So when the folks behind PS. Cafe launched JYPSY, their very first Japanese restaurant, I was more than excited to check them out, especially since they already have a repertoire of gorgeous cafes under their belt!
Having been opened for a little over 2 weeks now, the restaurant has ironed out most of its operational kinks, which made for promptly-served dishes and friendly and attentive staff. With an old-meets-new concept where the carefree nomadic spirit is combined with traditional Japanese elements, the interior is a very relaxed, rustic, and nautical one.

JYPSY 20Expect lush greenery, plenty of wood, rattan, giant canvas lanterns, and splashes of blue!

In line with their contemporary traditional concept, their menu has an extensive selection of reinvented traditional dishes too. Only fresh, premium ingredients are used, with all fish flown in directly from Japan, rice grains sourced from Hokkaido, and high-quality grated wasabi paste served!
That said, it came as a pleasant surprise that despite the quality, a majority of the items on the menu were priced reasonably under $19, with the most expensive at only $31.

Signature and best-selling dishes

Bluefin Tuna JYPSY Sashimi ($24)


JYPSY 14These are sure to convert a salmon-lovers to “Team Tuna”.

Undoubtedly, the star of the show was the Bluefin Tuna JYPSY Sashimi. Tender, smooth, and fatty, each piece was topped with Avruga caviar, baby shiso, wasabi, and a sprinkle of shichimi furikake. The result? A sweetness that only fresh sashimi can bring, enhanced with the savouriness of the caviar and furikake!

JYPSY Salmon Tacos ($14)

The JYPSY Salmon Tacos is an interesting dish that adventurous souls would love. A crispy seaweed shell stuffed with tender salmon chunks tossed in a creamy avocado and tomato salsa mix, it was not just flavourful, but also fun to eat with its many textures!
The ikura and wasabi mayo on top was a nice touch as well, which further added to the party in your mouth.

5 Stones ($19)

Don’t be fooled by the unassuming 5 Stones! Made with lightly torched unagi and foie gras, each sushi was melt-in-your-mouth soft, flavourful, and meaty without being too cloying thanks to the pickled wasabi and grated green apple garnishing – this is definitely a dish worth going back for.  

Beef Tartare ($18)

If raw beef sounds questionable to you, don’t be afraid to give the Beef Tartare a try – made with hand-minced 1824 grain-fed beef tenderloin, the meat was lightly-seasoned and just as tender as sashimi!
Each sushi was also ingeniously wrapped with a thin film of pickled radish for an added zest, and if it gets a tad too sour for your liking, just scoop some white onion puree onto your sushi and you’re all set.

Nest of Fries ($11)

JYPSY 17Thanks to the extremely aromatic truffle oil, I knew the fries were coming even before I saw them.

A treat for both the eyes and taste buds, the Nest of Fries is a great sharing plate to order when you’re having a drink with friends. Made with shredded potatoes to achieve that amazingly crispy and paper thin fries, it was generously drizzled with white truffle oil and teriyaki balsamic sauce, and came with tangy wasabi mayo for dipping.

Smokey Unagi Fried Rice ($22)

For those of you with a big appetite, go for the Smokey Unagi Fried Rice, a hearty and well-balanced meal that has wok-fried Japanese rice, a large slab of grilled unagi, cold tofu, pickle, shredded egg omelette, and coleslaw.
Impressively enough, the rice really did have a subtle smoky aroma, and the unagi was cooked just enough so that it remained soft and moist!


JYPSY 8Left: Maple Matcha Milk Tea, Right: Sake Spritz

JYPSY’s beverage selection is pretty comprehensive as well, with over 30 options for you to choose from, ranging from teas and cold pressed juices, to sakes and cocktails.
Opt for the Maple Matcha Milk Tea ($10.50) if you have a sweet tooth, and order a Sake Spritz ($17) if a Mojito is normally your go-to drink – it’s citrusy, refreshing, and light, which even makes for a day drink!
Check out their All Day Menu and Drinks Menu!
Address: #01-02, 38A Martin Road, Singapore 239072
Opening Hours: Tues – Sun: 11.30AM – 4PM, 5.30PM – 11PM

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