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Starbucks Thailand has just opened its latest outlet in Bangkok and it is massive. Boasting a total of 1260sqm and a scenic view of the Chao Phraya River, this new Starbucks outlet is one place not to be missed on your next trip to Bangkok. Designed with a swirling staircase that leads to the second floor and floating lantern-inspired art pieces, this Starbucks outlet gives off a warm and cozy vibe to chill and drink your beverage whilst looking at the Chao Phraya River.

The exterior of the Starbucks outlet. Source: @Cafeteller

The hanging sign that greets you when you enter the outlet. Source: @cafeteller

The counter. Source: @cafeteller

The view from the second level. Source: @cafeteller

Sip on your beverage while enjoying the view of the Chao Phraya River. Source: @bkkmenu

Other than being known for its cozy interior, this outlet is the first to introduce the Teavana Bar which offers customers specialty tea drinks like Lychee Earl Grey Tea, Mist Green tea-based peach mojito, and Hibiscus tea-based iced sunset. A fun fact to know is that this is the only Starbucks outlet in Thailand to serve Muan Jai Blend, an exclusive coffee blend from Northern Thailand that gives off a robust aroma of chocolate and spice.

The Muan Jai Blend that is only sold in this outlet. Source:Starbucks Thailand

Some examples of the types of pastries that you can have a taste at this Starbucks outlet. Source: @cafeteller

More variations of pastries to choose from at Starbucks Thailand. Source: @cafeteller

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