Live The Taiwanese High School Movie Life At This Classroom-Themed Cafe In JB!

初中一校 High School Kopitiam is a throwback to the good times

Taiwanese classroom cafe in JB (5)Source:  新山生活誌 / JB City Guide

With Taiwanese high school romance movies You Are The Apple of My Eye and Our Times both setting box office records in multiple countries, it’s evident that we can’t get enough of these heartwarming and nostalgic coming-of-age films. Now, we get to live out our own campus romance fantasy at 初中一校 High School Kopitiam, a new classroom-themed cafe in Mount Austin located just a 20-25 minute car ride away from the Johor Bahru Checkpoint!

Taiwanese classroom cafe in JB (4)Source: 新山生活誌 / JB City Guide

Complete with a handwritten menu on chalkboards, wooden tables and chairs that resemble the ones in the movies, the cafe serves comforting breakfast platters, sandwiches, toasts, and nuggets at very affordable prices – much like the good ol’ times in our school canteens!

Taiwanese classroom cafe in JB (2)Source: @lcchoo_

Taiwanese classroom cafe in JB (1)Source: @xiaoqi1026

These include the Crispy Pork Belly Sandwich at just RM8.90 (approximately SGD2.97), Chocolate Banana Toast at RM4.50 (about SGD1.50), and beverages like fruit juices, kopi, and teh-o for just RM3 – RM6.90 (about SGD1 – SGD2.30).

Taiwanese classroom cafe in JB (6)Source: @tony.poh

Plus, they even have charcoal toasts if you top up an additional RM0.50 (approximately SGD0.17), and unique drink concoctions like a Highschool Special and Sugarcane Milk Tea!

Taiwanese classroom cafe in JB (3)Source: 新山生活誌 / JB City Guide

初中一校 High School Kopitiam
57-G, Jalan Austin Heights 8/5, Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru 81100
Opening Hours: 8.30AM – 6PM Daily

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