JB’s 7-Eleven Now Has Energy Drinks Spiked With Tongkat Ali, And It Tasted Better Than We Expected

We love convenience stores because you can find anything there. Right now, our favorite go-to is 7-Eleven because they have all sorts of cool stuff like bubble tea candy and Ghost Pepper instant noodles that is apparently even spicier than the Samyang Spicy Chicken Noodles. Whenever I’m stopping by 7-Eleven, I always leave with more than what I intended to get.
On a recent trip to JB, I popped into 7-Eleven for my routine post-dinner drink. Whilst poking about in the drinks section, the tongkat ali-spiked drink immediately caught my eye. Maybe it was the red can, but it was definitely a surprise as tongkat ali usually comes in pill or powder form.
Energy drinks already worked well enough to keep me awake all night long; would the tongkat ali keep me going for longer? Or would a can be enough to make me horny?

tongkat ali drink-3
Last minute energy boost, anyone?

For those who are unaware, Livita is an energy drink brand from Malaysia. And if you’re looking to get an energy boost for your late-night escapades, the new Livita flavor infused with tongkat ali might just be the extra punch that you’re looking for!
Very well-known as a testosterone booster, tongkat ali is usually taken by bodybuilders and those with low sex drive. Apparently it yields the best results when combined with active exercise (sex included). While men are motivated to take tongkat ali as an aphrodisiac, women can also increase their sex drive with it. Or to aid building muscle mass as tongkat ali also increases metabolism. Combine this with your regular energy drink and you’ll probably be going all night like a jackrabbit.
tongkat ali drink-2
Now for the taste test. Yes, I actually bought it.
Compared to Red Bull, Livita is less sweet and doesn’t have an overly cloying after taste. And there isn’t any bitterness that most Chinese medicinal herbs usually have, which makes this a much better alternative than taking tongkat ali as a pill or brewing it in a teabag, especially if you hate bitter stuff.
And I felt the energy boost almost immediately after downing the entire can of Livita, although I wasn’t sure if it was because of the taurine or the tongkat ali. And I felt no surge of sexual urges after, in case you were wondering.
Pick up a can of Livita with Tongkat Ali the next time you’re in JB if you’re really interested in trying it yourself!
The Livita With Tongkat Ali can be found in 7-Eleven stores in Johor Bahru, Malaysia for 2.90RM a can. 
* Do note that tongkat ali is not regulated as a supplement in Singapore, so always buy from a reputable source. Like 7-Eleven. *


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