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Milo Dinosaur Doughnuts?! Michelin-Starred Bakery Serves Doughnuts Piped Full with Milo Cream

Fans of BBQ would probably be familiar with Burnt Ends – a Michelin-Starred Bar & Grill constantly rated to be among the best restaurants in Singapore. But did you know that Burnt Ends has their own bakery that serves up top-quality fresh bakes such as doughnuts, bread, and tarts?


For Singapore Food Festival 2020, Burnt Ends Bakery has launched a series of Milo Dinosaur Doughnuts! Each brioche doughnut is pumped full with thick milo cream and milo biscuits, and then dusted with milo powder to complete the look of the famous milo dinosaur drink.


A box of six Milo Dinosaur doughnuts goes for $24, while a baker’s dozen goes for $52. 

In addition to Milo Dinosaur doughnuts, the bakery also has other flavours such as Nutella, Passionfruit Curd, and Vanilla Cream ($24 for 6).


You may also find other sweet treats such as scones ($15 for 6), cookies ($32.50 for 13), and tarts ($95 for a 12-inch tart).


You may even get the bakes as a set with Burnt Ends’ famous BBQ meat, including their Jamaican Wings and Wagyu Striploin ($250).


Proceed to to check out the full range of bakes available!

Burnt Ends

Address: 20 Teck Lim Rd, Singapore 088391

Hours: Mon-Sat 11.45am-11pm

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