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Milo Dinosaur, Tau Huey, & More Locally-Inspired Fatcaron Flavours @ Sweedy Patisserie

​​Get a variety of artisanal treats, National Day specials, durian-flavoured desserts and more at Singapore-based online store, Sweedy Patisserie! Showcasing a diverse range of cakes, crepe rolls, and oversized macarons in a multitude of locally inspired flavours including Mao Shan Wang, Chendol, Tau Huey, Pulut Hitam, Milo Dinosaur, Ondeh Ondeh, Ferrero Rocher, Chocolate Banana, and more!

Available in boxes of six or nine for $30 and $40.50 respectively, the Sweedy Patisserie fat macarons cost an estimated $5-$6 each on their own.

Coated with almond crumbs and thick Mao Shan Wang filling, the $6 MSW Fatcaron features additional vanilla bean buttercream, whilst the $5 Tau Huey fatcaron includes homemade soy bean beancurd and soy milk buttercream.

Other notable flavours such as the $5 Milo Dinosaur fatcaron showcases gooey Milo filling, creamy Milo buttercream and an outer coat of Milo powder, whilst the $5 Ondeh Ondeh incorporates a mix of shredded coconut flakes, pandan coconut buttercream, and gooey gula melaka at its core.


Sweedy Patisserie Singapore

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