Telok Ayer Has A Hidden Restaurant 2 Minutes Away From The MRT That Serves Japanese-Inspired Cuisine Under $20

Affordable quality dining at Miss G’s Grill & Bar

Miss G4
For most of us, it’s a well-known fact that Telok Ayer has plenty of good food and snazzy restaurants perfect for a fancy dinner date – but when it comes to casual lunches and get-togethers, there aren’t many places that are easy on the wallet.
Recently opened early this year, Miss G’s Grill & Bar is the gem that we’ve all been looking for – hiding in plain sight at just a 2-minute stroll away from the MRT, you get to enjoy large servings of Japanese-inspired dishes for just $10 – $20. What’s more, they’re generous with their ingredients used as well, which include truffle and caviar.
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Plus, the spacious restaurant-cum-bar also boasts chic vibes. With it’s warm lighting, mahogany furniture, industrial walls and floor, giant marble table top, and chrome mirror, you’ll be able to take lots of Instagram-worthy shots!

Must-try dishes from the grill

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Miss G’s Grill & Bar’s menu covers an extensive array of both hot and cold dishes – for first-time diners, here are a couple of recommended dishes:

Lemongrass Chicken – $14.90

Miss G6

For those of you who are a fan of Thai cuisine, dig in to the Lemongrass Chicken, which comes with a side of papaya salad, chilled kangkong, brown rice vermicelli, and belachan chilli.
Miss G12
Hand-skewered on sticks of lemongrass, the chicken is juicy and slightly spicy, and comes with a tantalising hint of a smoky aftertaste.
Special mention goes to the belachan chilli, which was tangy and spicy enough to give a satisfying kick!

Iberico Charsiew On Rice – $18.90

Miss G9

Charsiew rice lovers out there, you’ll be pleased to know that Miss G’s Grill & Bar has taken it to a whole new level – its Iberico Charsiew On Rice is made with premium Iberico pork collar, which is seasoned and marinated for a total of 24 hours.
The result is charsiew that is extremely tender and aromatic, without tasting overwhelmingly sweet!
Miss G8
Served with sides like chilled kangkong, pickled radish, and achar, it also comes with fluffy Japanese rice that’s topped with a sprinkle of furikake, and a bowl of poached egg for you to douse it with some runny goodness.
Again, the hainanese chilli it comes with is not to be slighted – while sweet at first, it packs a strong punch afterwards, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Truffle Beef Yakiniku On Rice – $16.90

Miss G5

If you love all things truffle, treat yourself to the Truffle Beef Yakiniku On Rice. A generous amount of truffle is used to season the beef, which makes it not just fragrant, but also amazingly flavourful.
Miss G3
Plus, apart from the tender beef slices, the sticky Japanese rice is also topped off with a perfectly done onsen egg and heaps of furikake – mix them all together for a smooth, creamy texture!

Cold Truffle Somen With Hotate – $14.90

Miss G1

To refresh yourself on a hot sunny day, order the Cold Truffle Somen With Hotate – infused with truffle oil, it comes with scallop sashimi, shaved truffle and a large dollop of caviar.
Sashimi lovers will also be pleased to know that the scallops served are fresh and sweet, and melts the minute it’s in your mouth.

Cold Spicy Salmon Somen – $16.90

Miss G10

If you’re a fan of salmon sashimi, the Cold Spicy Salmon Somen is just for you! Served with fatty chunks of salmon sashimi and lots of tobiko eggs, the noodles are firm and springy as well.

Bar recommendations

Miss G2Sparkling Yuzu Jelly Sake

When it comes to TGIF celebrations, Miss G’s Grill & Bar has got us all covered too with its happy hour deals that include $40 beer towers and $35 beer buckets, and unique cocktails creations like Kopi Gin and Tonic.
Make sure to give the Sparkling Yuzu Jelly Sake ($8) a shot when you’re there – it’s a special concoction that’s not on the main menu and only known by regulars. Fizzy, tangy, and sweet, it has blobs of jelly in it as well, which gives it a very interesting texture!

An underrated hang-out for lunch and after-hours

Miss G7

Masked by its unassuming exterior, Miss G’s Grill & Bar is a rare find in the CBD that serves delicious chow at wallet-friendly prices without scrimping on ingredients used. With its convenient location, value-for-money happy hour deals, and plenty of seats available both indoors and outdoors so that you don’t have to queue up for ages, it’s a place well-suited for hanging out during lunch-hour and after-hours.
Address: 44, 45 Pekin St, Singapore 048775
Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs: 11AM – 11PM | Fri: 11AM – 2AM | Sat: 6PM – 11PM
Telephone: 9328-4524

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