Moleskine Opens Flagship Café In Milan

Moleskine notebooks have always been a cult favourite among writers, designers and artists alike. These sleek notebooks have become a must-have companion for creators – its pages are adorned with spontaneous moments of inspiration, fleeting ideas and doodle art.
Creativity is a powerful tool backed by inspiration, and this famed notebook maker has rolled out a new café concept dedicated to fuelling creative minds and igniting moments of deep thinking and relaxation.
Opened in the heart of Milan, this flagship café has an overarching theme of “inspiring journeys” and aims to be a haven for your daily fix of inspiration. It is an amalgamation of café, art gallery, store and library all in one.
The café is designed a lá Moleskine notebooks – clean and modern aesthetic with a neutral colour scheme, akin to the pages of the notebook.
This tasteful, two-story nook is understatedly furnished with simple tables, wooden chairs and occasional punches of muted hues. Natural sunlight streams into this well-lit cafe.
Apart from a dining-working area, a mini gallery exhibiting curated works from select designers and a retail corner (selling Moleskine merchandise, of course) also complement the café.
This space is not just a pretty face – coffee here is brewed with carefully selected expresso blends by Milanese coffee roaster Sevengrams. The food menu is also unpretentious and healthy, with gourmet sandwiches, pastries, soups, salads and brunch selections on offer daily.
In line with their vision to establish a conducive space for creatives, doodling on walls is, naturally, more than legal on their dry-erase whiteboard walls. Talks and breakfast learning sessions will also be frequently conducted at communal tables on the ground floor.
With its casual ambience and creativity-driven concept, this ingenious café is more than just a coffee house. Grab a cuppa and sandwich, get your creative juices flowing and buy a new notebook while you’re at it. Alternatively, this space is also an ideal haven to unplug and take a quick respite from the fast-paced city life. Moleskine is set to open more city-based outlets and we sure hope Singapore makes the list.
Moleskine Café
Milan at Corso Garibaldi 65
(more information on their Facebook)
photos by Michelle Morosi

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