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Mookata Deliveries In Singapore For As Little As $8.90!

Miss indulging in all your favourite? Fret not, for these mookata spots offer islandwide delivery!

1.Phuket Town Mookata

Get XXL portioned dishes for cheap at Phuket Town Mookata. Their bestselling 1kg Meat Mountain, worth $39.90, was meant to be eaten from top to bottom for maximum satisfaction in a slow build sensory experience. Stacked in order of flavour, the meat mountain showcases Green Curry Chicken, Tom Yum Pork Collar, Black Pepper Chicken, Garlic Pork Collar, Pork Belly with Signature Sauce, and Sesame Chicken, and is served alongside a variety of house-made chili sauces, non-meat items such as meatballs, sausages and luncheon meat cooked in a broth around the skillet. Other offerings available for delivery include the $6.90 Vegetable Platter, Mega Meat Mountain with Beef worth $49.90, and $2.20 Thai Milk Tea.


Phuket Town Mookata

Min. Order: $50

Delivery Fee: $10

Tel: +65 86130826


2.Bangkok Street Mookata

Offering mookata sets for two to four people at a time, for $58 with no GST, Bangkok Street Mookata invites customers to indulge in their crowd favourite, smoky and herbaceous Basil Chicken, and $2.90 Beef Short Plate, amongst a diverse range of other a la carte meat, vegetable, and non-meat offerings!


Bangkok Street Mookata

Delivery Fee: $10, Free delivery for orders over $88

Tel: +65 88552929


3.KNN Mookata

KNN Mookata stands for Kin Nam Nam, which directly translates to ‘Thai water water’. Best known for their eponymous $35 set known as the ‘KNN Set’, this restaurant prides itself in providing the freshest quality ingredients, and offers ready-to-eat meats that are already grilled before delivery. Complete with no minimum order, and a flat islandwide delivery fee of $10, KNN Mookata requires customers to order in advance of their preferred date.


KNN Mookata

Delivery Fee: $10

Tel: +65 88556969


4.Tom Yum Kungfu

Besides serving up delicious Thai food, Tom Yum Kungfu is known for its delicious mookata feast. Pricing their large set at an estimated $59.90, Tom Yum Kungfu’s mookata feast can feed up to four mouths at a time and contain savoury items such as cheese tofu, pineapple chicken, and pork bellies. Complete with a seafood platter which features fish dumplings, flower clams, and succulent lobster balls, an order at Tom Yum Kungfu should easily meet the restaurant’s $28 minimum.


Tom Yum Kungfu

Min. Order: $28

Delivery Fee: $4, Free delivery for orders above $80

Tel: +65 91019913


5. 2211 Mookata

2211 Mookata is a popular supper spot among residents in Jurong West that is now offering islandwide delivery. Worth approximately $49, their platter for four features tasty meat and seafood dishes, such as marinated pork belly and zesty marinated squid, amongst a variety of others. The restaurant does not implement a minimum order, and will return to collect the hotplate and stove within three hours after your meal is delivered.


2211 Mookata

Delivery Fee: $10

Tel: +65 97501375


6.Thai Hao Chi Mookata

Thai Hao Chi Mookata is one of few mookata places to use traditional charcoal grills. Offering soup bases made from fresh ingredients with no MSG, this restaurant presents a healthier alternative to traditional mookata. Complete with no minimum order, their mookata sets which start at an estimated $8.90, and showcase ready-to-eat marinated meats, soup, and rice. Depending on your location, Thai Hao Chi Mookata’s delivery fee will range from $6 to $10.


Thai Hao Chi Mookata

Delivery Fee: $6-$10

Tel: +65 85535581


7.Aroy Mak Mookata

Dig in to juicy pork belly slices and leafy vegetables immediately upon delivery! Aroy Mak Mookata delivers pre-grilled, ready-to-eat dishes straight to your home with a minimum order of $30, and a flat fee of $4.90. Carnivorous individuals are invited to try their Meat Lover Set worth $43.65, whilst other more enthusiastic guests can opt for the $70 Mookata bundle set consisting of brand new Electric BBQ Steamboat Pot for you to keep, any mookata set meal of your choosing, Pork Broth soup, two Thai Chilis, and two Thai Milk Teas.


Aroy Mak Mookata

Min. Order: $30

Delivery Fee: $4.90

Tel: 61000029

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