MUYOO+ Is Singapore’s First Fruit Tea Store And Bakery Combined With Cheese Teas and Dirty Buns

Instagrammable bakes and bubble teas all in one place

Dirty buns, brown sugar pearls, and cheese caps. These insanely popular food trends might have taken the internet by storm from all around the world, but mark your calendars! Starting 1st September, you can get them all conveniently in one place at Singapore’s first-ever fruit and bubble tea store and artisan bakery combined – MUYOO+.
Brilliantly simple and ingenious, it brings us a whole new level of convenience, and offers an impressive array of handmade drinks and bakes. Only fresh and natural ingredients are used, which includes juicy fruits loaded with vitamins, and fragrant tea leaves hailing all the way from Fujian!
Indulgent toppings like Rose Cloud Caps, Brown Sugar Pearls, Popping Boba, and Green Tea Jelly are also available if you’re in the mood to treat yourself, and the best part is that they cost just $1.

MUYOO+ 11There’s even a small slot in the drink holder for you to slide your straw through!

Plus, like most bubble tea and bakeries, MUYOO+ only offers takeaways. However, their packaging are super adorable, and on top of that, they even have thoughtfully-prepared disposable gloves, and a pretty feature wall perfect for photo-taking!
They have 3 bread and drink series in total, so here’s a quick rundown of them all:

Sweet Series

Fresh Fruit Rainbow and Fairy Wand Series + Cheese/Rose Cloud Fruit Teas

Euro Soft-rolls (软欧包) are currently all the rage in China, and MUYOO+ is the first to introduce these pillowy soft bakes to our shores! Fluffy, moist, and slightly chewy, they mostly contain sweet fillings, and MUYOO+’s Fresh Fruit Rainbow and Fairy Wand Series are packed with cream cheese custard, fruit fillings, and topped with more fresh fruits.

MUYOO+ 6Just do a quick search on Instagram to see all the hashtagged photos!

The fruits in use change seasonally, so available flavours will change periodically as well. For this season, they have options like the Strawberry Rainbow Wand ($4.90), Mango Rainbow Wand ($4.60), and Oreo Cherry Fairy Wand ($4.90)!

MUYOO+ 14Keep your eyes peeled for other flavours like green grapes and peach!

The Cloud Fruit Teas are naturally the highly-recommended drink to go with these fruity treats, and customers can choose between a cheese “cloud” or a rose “cloud”.

MUYOO+ 16Ruby Red Watermelon and It’s Just Peachy

Those who are fans of all things cheesy would love the former, which is a sweet and salty froth made from cheese powder from Holland, whipped cream, and sea salt instead of just creamer, while those with a sweet tooth would prefer the latter, a creamy concoction of rose syrup and whipped cream!

MUYOO+ 8You can even get a plain Cloud Tea ($3.50 – $3.90), with tea choices like Roasted Oolong and Jade Tie Guan Yin!

Each drink is delightfully sweet without being cloying or artificial, and acts as a great pick-me-up. Choose from flavours like Ruby Red Watermelon ($4.50), Golden Honey Pineapple ($4.50), It’s Just Peachy ($5.50), and Winter White Grapes ($5.50)!

Dirty Series

Dirty Bread + Dirty Drinks

We’re no strangers to the Instagrammable potential of the dirty bun – disposable gloves are provided in a tongue-in-cheek fashion at MUYOO+ for you to get messy with their Dirty Bread Series ($5.90), which comes in 3 different flavours like Matcha, Strawberry, and Chocolate!

MUYOO+ 13Yes, these contain disposable gloves

The Strawberry and Matcha buns are filled with Belgian white chocolate lava, while the Chocolate bun contains premium Valrhona chocolate ganache. Wash them down with another trending mess that is the Dirty Drink, which has 3 flavours for you to choose from – Dirty Brown Sugar Fresh Milk + Pearl ($3.90), Dirty Mango + Fresh Milk ($3.90), and Dirty Strawberry + Fresh Milk ($3.90).

MUYOO+ 9Dirty Strawberry and Dirty Mango

Savoury Series

Savoury Bread + Fun Fruit Teas

MUYOO+ 18The Hot Crabby is stuffed with a generous amount of snow crab meat, cheddar cheese, Thai chilli sauce, and sprinkled with curry powder.

If you prefer savoury buns, MUYOO+ got you covered as well. Dig into seafood-filled creations like Hot Crabby ($5.90), Ori Octoki ($5.90), and That’s Fishy ($3.60), which are all adorably shaped like a crab claw, octopus, and fish respectively!

MUYOO+ 10The Ori Octoki has fresh tako cuts, cheddar cheese, a secret sauce, as well as dark and white chocolate chips!

Plus, they even have a Rainbow Salted Egg Lava bun ($4.20) that’s laden with golden rich salted egg yolk lava. Watch it ooze out as you chow down on it, and cleanse your palette with one of their Fun Fruit Teas!

MUYOO+ 17Rainbow Salted Egg Lava

Refreshingly zesty and packed with loads of vitamins and minerals, the drinks come in choices like Green Tea Jelly + Lemon ($3.50), Passion Fruit + Aloe Vera + Cucumber ($4.90), and Peach + Kalamansi + Passion Fruit ($4.90)!

Opening promotions and complimentary merchandise

In celebration of its official opening, MUYOO+ will be holding a month-long promotion with deals that change every week. With so many drinks and bread available for you to mix and match too, there’s always a reason to drop by whenever you’re in the vicinity!

#01-94, Bedok Mall, 311 New Upper Changi Rd, Singapore 467360
Opening Hours: 9AM – 11PM Daily

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