Garden-Themed My Melody Cafe Just Opened At Suntec City And It Has Photo-Worthy Dishes Designed By Little Miss Bento

Dine “alfresco” at My Melody Cafe

My Melody Cafe 6
Believe it or not, Sanrio’s adorable pink bunny turned 43 this year, but we’re still going crazy over anything My Melody – now, we’re treated to a My Melody Cafe that just popped up in Suntec City, which will open its doors on 7th June.

My Melody Cafe 1Their kitchen is housed in a tiny cottage!

Filled with plenty of sweet pastel pinks, wooden furnishings, and lush green vines and wall creepers, the cafe is a whimsical garden that brings out the child in all of us – and their menu doesn’t disappoint either.
My Melody Cafe 4

Pink treats for both the eyes and the taste buds

My Melody Cafe 11
Specially designed by well-known food stylist Little Miss Bento, My Melody fans can expect 5 delightfully adorable mains, 6 desserts, and 7 beverages! Every item is made with beetroot as a natural food colouring, and in case you’re spoilt for choice on your first visit, here are some of their signature dishes you can opt for:

Princess Bunny ($18.90)

My Melody Cafe 5
Japanese curry is a crowd-favourite and My Melody cafe’s version is heartily satisfying. Dig into a generous serving of sticky Japanese rice and slightly spicy curry that has crispy chicken karaage and lightly grilled mushrooms, brussel sprouts, and carrots!

Hola Taco ($25)

My Melody Cafe 3
Spice things up with this Asian-Mexican fusion dish that has Korean bulgogi in a hard-shelled taco! The beef is less sweet than most bulgogi, which allows it to complement the cheese bits that are sprinkled atop.
My Melody Cafe 2
Vegetable lovers will also be pleased to know that the tacos are served with a plentiful side of fresh romaine salad, blueberries, and strawberries.

Treasures of Maryland ($19.50)

My Melody Cafe 9
While this delightful dessert does take a little longer to prepare, it’s worth the wait – buttered and baked till it’s golden brown on the outside but moist and fluffy on the inside, the tall brioche toast is loaded with vanilla soft serve, topped with strawberry waffle sticks, mixed berries, and macarons, and drizzled with maple syrup, strawberry jam, and chocolate sauce.

Playtime Fondue ($22.50)

My Melody Cafe 2
Perfect for the ‘gram, the milk chocolate fondue is a lovely shade of bubblegum pink, and comes with a variety of bite-sized snacks for you to swirl around – take your pick from vanilla sponge cake, strawberries, cotton candy, butter cookies, and marshmallows.
My Melody Cafe 3

On Cloud Nine ($8.90)

My Melody Cafe 1
For those of you who love mint, reinvigorate yourself with a minty glass of mixed berries tea! Topped with a “cloud” of fluffy cotton candy, it’s evident that the cafe pays close attention to details – even the candy floss is garnished with chopped strawberries, mint leaves, heart-shaped sprinkles, and a My Melody macaron.

Merry-Donut-Go-Round ($12.90)

My Melody Cafe 8
Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, go ahead and give this decadent strawberry milkshake a try – perfect as a midday pick-me-up, the comforting treat is creamy without being cloying, thanks to the mild tartness from the fresh strawberries used. Plus, it’s topped with a white chocolate frosted doughnut, which makes for a cute picture!

A worthwhile trip to make for good photos and a satisfied tummy

My Melody Cafe 7
If there’s one thing notable to highlight, it’s that their strawberries were not just huge, but also slightly tart, which offered a much-needed balance to their desserts and beverages.
My Melody Cafe 10
Apart from that, the ambience at My Melody Cafe is nothing short of what we had expected – despite occupying a rather small space, the cafe seats 38 pax comfortably, and even accommodates photo ops like a wall mural, mini cottage, and a life-sized My Melody figurine!
My Melody Cafe Singapore
Address: #01-361, Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038983
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 10AM – 10PM

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