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Nasty Cookies – Chunky New York-style Cookies That Are Twice The Size Of A Subway Cookie!

Get ready to order these Nasty Cookies online on 12th Oct


Oreo Outrage With Marshmallow Filling. Source: @nastycookiee

Cookie-lovers out there, brace yourselves for gloriously monstrous cookies from Nasty Cookies – an online cookie pop-up that’s bringing chunky New York-style cookies to Singapore for the first time ever on 12th October!

An online food trend that was inspired by New York bakery Levain Bakery, these cookies are made with gooey cookie dough and stuffed full with unique fillings. Each cookie is as big as the palm of your hand and often topped with various generous toppings of pretzels, M&Ms, Reeses and chocolate chips!

NC3Classic Choc Chip With Nutella Filling. Source: Nasty Cookies

Some of the decadent flavours that Nasty Cookie will be offering include Oreo Outrage, Lets Pretzel, Resses Cup and Double Choc Chip!

NC5Reeses Cup. Source: Nasty Cookie

NC4Lets Pretzel. Source: Nasty Cookies

NC2Check out their full menu here! Source: Nasty Cookie

You can order these Nasty Cookies online here.




(Feature image source: @xoregine)

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