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NEW 24-Hour PINK Dessert Cafe With a Ball Pit!

With more than 1500 outlets in various countries across the world, this China-based international dessert chain is renowned for its innovative take on traditional Chinese desserts, and incredibly Insta-worthy aesthetic. Characterised by an exterior coated in neon pink paint, and a softer, pastel pink interior, the first-ever Smile Dessert outlet in Singapore, spans three-storeys high and is set to open for 24-hours daily, following the café’s soft-launch period.

Situated at the junction of Victoria Street, Middle Road and North Bridge Road, Smile Dessert lies adjacent to the bustling Bugis Junction mall – making it a trendy, yet convenient go-to destination for casual gatherings at all times of the day and night!

Designed to cater to the inner child-like fantasies of every adult, Smile Dessert showcases out-of-the-box décor ranging from a Pink Panther toy, to an expansive ball pit, a baby pink trolley, a flamingo-pink Christmas tree, and even a magenta-pink toilet bowl!

Complete with an extensive and regularly-revised 70-item menu, the cafe aims to present healthier choice alternatives with a variety of handmade desserts which utilize the freshest, natural ingredients. Best known for their $6.90 Trendy Yoghurt Jelly, which comprises of mango-flavoured jelly made from yoghurt, regular cow’s milk, coconut milk, and fruits, this dessert eliminates the use of any artificial flavouring in order to present a texture and taste that is truly authentic. Other popularised options include, the $5.90 Trendy Taro Milk Tea, which replaces machine-made pearls with daily, handmade taro balls – making it a rare beverage, not yet found in cafes elsewhere.

As for the signature dishes we did have the pleasure of trying, the $16.90 Thai Style Snow Ice, $8.90 Mango Pomelo Sago Mousse Cake, and $7.90 Boba Pearl Mousse Cake were my favourite. Much like the name suggests, the Boba Pearl Mousse Cake showcased flavours reminiscent of milk tea, and sported a uniquely crunchy ice-like texture, topped by the chewiest boba!

Similar in texture, the Thai Style Snow Ice was served as an overflowing bowl of Thai Ice Milk Tea flavoured ice shavings. Regarded the only café in Singapore to serve this dish, my team and I were luckily awarded the pleasure of being the first customers to taste this highly sought-after dish. Characterized by subtle flavours, muted by the intense cold, the Thai Style Snow Ice bingsu makes an ideal option for those seeking refreshment after a long day in the sun.

Presenting a soft yet dense texture, topped-and-infused with chunky fruit bits, the Mango Pomelo Sage Mousse Cake facilitates a strong fruity flavour which blends effortlessly with its creamy cheesecake base.

While adequately enjoyable and refreshing, it would seem that food and cost may not necessarily be Smile Dessert’s strong suit. Personally, $16 for minutely flavoured shaved ice, is not typically how I’d choose to spend my money – though thus far, nothing beats the disproportionately priced $12.90 Black (Sesame) Swan Souffle.

Regarded a baked egg-based dish originating in France in the early eighteenth century, Souffles combine various ingredients to be served as a savoury main dish or a sweetened dessert. Surpassing my expectations in fluffiness, the Black (Sesame) Swan Souffle was so light it dissipated upon entering my mouth, and can only be most accurately compared to air.

Paired with the overpowering $7.90 Dragon Fruit and Mango Yoghurt Shake, which tasted 100% like mango and 0% like dragon fruit, this meal was confusing at best.

Ultimately, Smile Dessert is definitely a café worth visiting at least once, as it facilitates an abundance of incredible OOTD spots, creates an undeniably comfortable environment for guests to work, play, and dine under one roof, and is backed by a team of extremely warm, helpful, and dedicated staff.

Discerning guests of this café are encouraged to study the menu carefully, and should expect to spend at least $14-$15 per order.


Smile Dessert 酒窝甜品

Address: 534 North Bridge Rd, #01-01, Singapore 188749

Soft-Launch Hours: 11am – 3am, daily

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