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New Charcoal Waffles & Ice Cream Cafe @ Kovan Opens Till 2am Daily!

(Image by @yongweikai on Instagram)

Opened 25 June 2021, Naked Ice Cream is the latest dessert cafe on the block! Situated along Upper Serangoon Road, this late-night dessert parlour specialises in charcoal waffles and a variety of unique classic and premium ice cream scoops.

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Set within an expansive cafe store, Naked Ice Cream is characterised by its monochrome color scheme and reflective chrome logo. Complete with untouched concrete walls, for a more industrialised and edgy aesthetic, Naked Ice Cream showcases both indoor and alfresco seating arrangements with a selection of eye-catching graphic decor and even an Insta-worthy LED light corner.

(Image by @jiakbro on Instagram)
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Their menu which features single scoop ice creams worth $3.80-$4.80 and double scoop ice creams for $6.80-$8.80, includes flavours such as Hojicha, Earl Grey, Hazelnut Rocher, Hokkaido Milk, Milo Dinosaur, Pistachio, Vanilla, Sea Salt Caramel, Pina Colada, Cookie Monster, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Lychee Lime, amongst a variety of others!

Customers are also invited to select from one of the cafe’s innumerable toppings to further personalise their order. These toppings include, Oreo Crunch, Granola, Choco Chips, Fruity Pebbles, and more!

(Image by @vnesateox on Instagram)

Other offerings include fizzy drinks, refillable teas, and coffee in the form of the $5.80 Ribena with Lychee Pop, $5.80 Tropical with Lychee Pop, $4 Straits Chai, $4 White Gingerlily, $4 English Breakfast, $4 Osmanthus Sencha, $2.50 Espresso, $4 Latte, $4 Latte Macchiato, $4 Cappuccino, and a $4 Doppio.


Naked Ice Cream

Address: 957 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534717

Operating Hours: 2pm-2am, daily

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