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[NEW] Modern Korean Cuisine, Craft Beer, and Fruit Wine Under One Roof!

ANJU, a Korean term for dishes served with alcohol, is the statement which drives this eponymous restaurant. Facilitating a more elegant Korean dining experience, with a carefully curated list of bottles, directly imported from Korean distilleries, ANJU invites guests to enjoy modern Korean cuisine in the heart of Singapore.

Opened for the first time on 24th March 2021, this all-new restaurant is unsuspectingly set within one of innumerable shophouses along 62 Tras Street. Featuring an exquisitely elegant interior with intricate detailing, ANJU incorporates predominantly dark wood elements which include plush sofa tables, traditional panelling, and carved dividers.

Helmed by Chef Kim, ANJU presents a modern and contemporary Korean menu that pairs exceptionally well with the restaurant’s vast array of drinks. Inspired by a country that is famed for its drinking culture, ANJU aims to break free from old world cultures and introduce an unique Korean alcohol selection, that is new even to some Koreans.

Of the restaurant’s diverse selection of snacks, cold and hot mains, craft beers, soft drinks, fruit wines, and liquor, guests are invited to indulge in ANJU’s $16 Black Bean Mascarpone served with oven baked sourdough, the $24 Domi Carpaccio garnished with Yuja marinated seaweed and dotted with Barley Makjang, the $22 Hwangtae Sweet and Spicy which consists of dry-aged Pollak fries with Korean Shishito peppers, coated in sweet chili oil, the $32 Jeju Mandarin fruit wine, and $25 Strong Man rice liquor.



Address: 62 Tras St, Singapore 079001

Operating Hours: (Tues-Sat): 6pm-10:30pm

Website | Instagram

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