Ninja Bowl – a Japanese Fusion Donburi Bistro
The third brainchild of The Astronauts Group, a homegrown F&B company founded by former 987FM radio deejay Darren Wee, Ninja Bowl showcases a modern industrial interior with neutral tones and utilitarian furnishings that is not only inviting but liberating as well.
Ninja Bowl offers diners an extensive menu of items ranging from sandwiches to all-day brunch items, as well as their signature ‘Ninja Bowls’. Aptly named after the characteristics of their ingredients, each delectable bowl is anything but conventional.
The founder’s love for the Japanese culture and cuisine galvanised him into creating these eight Japanese-inspired rice bowls, each consisting of ingredients such as greens and protein that are sure to keep you satisfied yet healthy. Patrons also have the option to choose hearty add-ons such as grains or pasta to their ninja bowls for just $2. With other fusion brunch options such as unagi with scrambled eggs or chashu pork belly with poached eggs to choose from, patrons are bound to be spoilt for choice.
Noka Ninja Bowl (SGD $14)
Translated as ‘the farmer’ in Japanese, this robust bowl consists of slices of tender beef cheek that were braised for 24 hours in veal jus and homemade soy sauce. With generous servings of roasted pine nuts baby corn, semi-dried tomatoes, the bowl is completed with an onsen egg for added creaminess. For that extra boost of energy, one can opt for add-ons such as ninja rice, a blend of vinegared Japanese pearl rice and brown rice for just $2.
Tsukiji Ninja Bowl (SGD $16)
Named after the famous seafood market in Tokyo, the Tsukiji ninja bowl comprises tuna tataki pan-seared by their head chef Nina Winoto, pickled cucumbers, balsamic tomatoes, asparagus and edamame tossed in lemon juice and sesame oil. The decadent bowl is also topped with an onsen egg which goes extremely well with the tuna tataki slices.
Una Tama (SGD $19)
A generous slab of caramelised yaki unagi served with creamy, fluffy scrambled eggs on a toasted slice of country bread, this Japanese-American fusion dish is a delectable brunch alternative to the ninja rice bowls.
Truffle Fries (SGD $12)
A signature dish from their first establishment, Chillax Cafe, the truffle fries may be seemingly ordinary but are actually flavour-packed – easily earning a lasting place in our hearts as one of the best truffle fries in Singapore. These savoury shoestring fries make for a great side dish alongside your favourite ninja bowl or brunch item.
Tea Time Set (SGD $10.90, available on weekdays)
Available only on weekdays after 3pm, the tea time set is a great value-for-money option where patrons can opt for a cup of Smitten coffee or tea along with a slice of cake, enjoying the cosy ambience of Ninja Bowl. With various cake flavours to choose from – from red velvet to cheesecake to even nutella – patrons would definitely be spoilt for choice.
Ninja Bowl
15 Duxton Road
Singapore 089481
Business Hours
Monday to Friday: 9:30am to 7:30pm
Saturday to Sunday: 9:00am to 6:00pm
Instagram: @ninjabowl

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