Planners To Help You Get 2017 Organised

Sometimes we overestimate our brain’s capacity and think we can remember all the things we need to get done – the truth is that life is so much easier when we have a planner to record down our responsibilities and appointments. With beautifully designed planners that feature daily to weekly layouts, and even open dated planners for those who might get lazy along the way, keeping track of what we have to do might be less of a chore.
1. The Paper Bunny

This stylish black leatherette planner from local brand The Paper Bunny features gold spiral binding, laminated tabs, beautiful hand-lettered quotes, goals pages and notes pages before every month for better goal setting and planning. However, due to overwhelming orders, customers are required to preorder and can expect to receive their items the week of 12 December 2016.
Purchase one for SGD 38 here.
2. Pocketo


This open dated planner from Pocketo is the perfect shade of pink and blue – our favourite combination à la Patone’s colours of the year. There are daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sections in this handy book for maximized efficiency, and it is so detailed that there are even timestamps from 7am – 8pm on each page to help you plan out every meeting and appointment.

Purchase it for $34 here.

3. Ferme Á Papier

4. kikki. K


If you are a fan of the sleek, minimalist elements of Scandinavian design, you might just fall in love with this monochromatic planner from kikki.K. There are yearly and weekly views, special pages, stickers and even bold motivational quotes throughout in the diary to keep you inspired all year round.

Purchase it for SGD34.90 here.
5. Rifle Paper Co


Rifle Paper Co has a slew of products with beautiful prints and their planners are no exception. Their Jardin de Paris spiral bound planners feature an exposed binding and neon accents. They’re larger in size this year to offer more space for users to expand on throughout the year.

Purchase this at $34 here.
6. Eric Condren Customizable Planner


Choose from an array of designs for your cover page and even include your name on the front so that no one will mistake your planner for their own. You can even choose what kind of layout you prefer, from a vertical or horizontal scheme, to even how you want the daily or weekly schedule to be like.

Purchase one from $45 here.

7. Passion Planner


Using soft and flexible vegan leather, this vintage brown passion planner is all about helping you to plan your life out to the smallest detail. Included is a Passion RoadMap – an annual exercise that helps you define, and create actions for your goals in 3 months, 1 year, 3 years, and throughout your life. The planner is structured based on weekly layouts and also have monthly reflection questions to keep you focused on your progress.

Purchase one at $30 here.

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