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Pottery Workshops For Beginners in Singapore!

1. Mud Rock Ceramics

Named in reference to the local sub-culture of ‘Mat Rok’ in Singapore, this tongue-in-cheek studio provides a variety of services in the form of project consultation, commissions, pottery classes, and private workshops.

Ranging from as little as $83 per individual for a 2.5 hour one-off trial session, to $315 per person for a set of 5 beginner pottery lessons, Mud Rock studio invites all interested participants to discover the full breadth of ceramics, from throwing, to trimming, coiling, slab building and glazing unlimited clay, under the guidance and supervision of expert professionals.


Mud Rock Ceramics

Address: 85 Maude Rd, Singapore 208357

Beginner’s Pottery – $315 per person

Advanced Pottery – $280 per person

Ad-hoc One-Off Trial Session – $83 per person

Little Mud Rockers Children Course – $180 per person


2. Terra & Ember

Situated along Geylang Road, Terra & Ember is a home-based studio that specialises in the creation of ceramic art. Beyond featuring their own brand of ceramic works, the studio also conduct pottery courses and workshops for participants with all levels of expertise.

Complete with a total of five main services and two workshops, Terra & Ember are best known for their Wheel Throwing courses and $65 miniature pottery workshops. Through these sessions, participants will be given the opportunity to wheel-throw miniature clay vessels and experiment with different forms on a tiny pottery wheel. Designed to cater to participants of all skill-level, including beginners, the vessels made from each session, can be used to hold small objects or mini plants for a decorative table-top set in your office or home.


Terra & Ember

Address: 475 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389434

Operating Hours: (Tues-Fri): 10am-6pm, (Sat-Sun): 9:30am-6pm

5-Week Wheel Throwing Courses – $380-$490

Mini Pottery – $65

Open Studio Membership – $320


3. The Potters’ Guilt

Situated on level one of 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, The Potters’ Guilt is a cosy and well-equipped ceramics studio which enables guests to learn from some of the most experienced practicing artists in the industry.

Offering a diverse selection of pottery workshops for individuals of all ages and skill level, the studio’s most popular workshops include the 3 hour Pottery Do-It-All session worth $80 and the 1.5 hour Pottery on the Wheel Experience worth $55. Through these sessions, first-time participants will be given the opportunity to learn professional pottering techniques and create their very own unique pieces to take home after they are glazed and fired.


The Potters’ Guilt

Address: 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #01-03, Singapore 168976

Pottery on the Wheel Experience –$55

Pottery Do-It-All – $80

Children Workshops – from $60


4. Studio Asobi

Studio Asobi which directly translates to “play” in Japanese and “journey” in Mandarin, was conceptualised by full-time potters, Kenneth and Huiwen who believe in the redemptive power of play and beauty. Taking pride and joy into creating, teaching, and serving ‘in God’s kingdom through clay’, the duo invite guests to try their variety of clay-centric workshops, classes, and retreats.

Of the innumerable experiences available, the studio’s most popular include the Living Clay Pottery Workshop. Tailored for beginners with no prior experience, this pottery class covers an overview of pottery making and teaches each participant hand building and coiling techniques so that they can create their own unique cup, bowl, or planter in a single session. In addition, each participant will learn how to form attachments such as handles, alongside other decorative techniques. The session will also enable guests to test out the electric pottery wheel! All prices for Studio Asobi’s workshops are available upon request.


Studio Asobi

Address: 705 Hougang Ave 2, Block 705 Block 705, Singapore 530705

Operating Hours: (Thurs): 9:30am-12:30pm, (Sat): 2:30pm-5:30pm


5. Padme Hum Studio

Priding themselves in providing small, relaxed, and unstructured classes, Padme Hum Studio invites you to do your art, your way! Encouraging students to express themselves to create their own unique pieces, the studio’s expert instructors are here to teach you the necessary hand-building and wheel throwing techniques to execute your personal vision. Unlike other studios, Padme Hum does not believe in dictating or restricting each participant’s creativity to suit the session, instead they provide guests free reign of clay and tools to the painting and firing, to create the items they most desire.


Padme Hum Studio

Address: 1090 Lower Delta Rd, #04-15, Singapore 169201

Operating Hours: (Mon-Fri): 9:30am-3pm, (Sat): 9:30am-1pm

Ad-Hoc Pottery Class – $85

Private Group Classes – $110

Adhoc Only Open Studio – $45

Members-only Open Studio – $45


6. ARUDIO Studio

ARUDIO is a Singapore-based art studio offering affordable, beginner-friendly pottery workshops. Founded by Poh Sin Yong, a professionally trained ceramic artist, ARUDIO aims to support the art community of Singapore by providing arts to the public and job opportunities to local artists. Offering a variety of 5-week class packages worth anywhere from $300 to $580 per participant, ARUDIO invites first-time artists to consider the $70 per pax hand-building and wheel throwing one-off trial class.



Address: 11 Woodlands Cl, #09-30, Singapore 737853

Operating Hours: (Sun-Fri): 10am-5:30pm, (Sat): 10am-7pm

Hand-Building Trial – $70

Wheel Throwing Trial – $70


7. Goodman Ceramics Studio

Run by a dedicated team of ceramicists and artists, Goodman Ceramics Studio lies a mere 15 minutes drive away from the city centre and 3 minute walk from Mountbatten MRT. Providing a space for students and artists alike, this studio offers a range of access packages for you to practice your craft, and a total of 8 kilns ranging from 1.5 – 12 cubic feet for rental, alongside clay and other necessary equipment.


Goodman Ceramics Studio

Address: 90 Goodman Rd, Block G & Block F entire block) Goodman Arts Centre, Singapore 439053

Operating Hours: 9am-9pm, daily

Adult Pottery Trial Session – $68


8. School of Clay Arts

The School of Clay Arts is a Singapore-based ceramic studio offering multi-level 2.5 hour trial workshops for anyone with or without pottery experience. Equipping participants with the tools and skills needed to work confidently and comfortably with clay to craft a vessel object through a bowl-making exercises, the School of Clay Arts offers a variety of courses including, “Pottery Fundamentals: Handbuilding”, “Intro to Pottery”, “Wheel Throwing Foundations”> and “Open Studio Access/ Studio Membership”. It is important to note that all of the studio’s current offerings throughout Phase 2 Heightened Alert, are not suitable for children participants.


School of Clay Arts

Address: UBI TECHPARK, #07-33 (Lobby B), Singapore 408564

Operating Hours: (Wed): 1:30pm-4:30pm, (Sat-Sun): 2pm-5pm

Intro to Pottery – $98

Wheel Throwing Foundations – $290

Pottery Fundamentals: Handbuilding – $300


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