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Samyang Toothpaste Proves that People Would do Anything for Spicy Food

First, there was samyang lipstick and even chewing gum to set our mouths on fire. But we found the most ‘WTF’ and unimaginable product made from the Korean spicy food conglomerate: toothpaste! 

Source: | Instagram

This new toothpaste, made in collaboration with South Korean hygiene brand Aekyung, claims to bear the same fiery burning sensation as Samyang’s Hot Chicken Ramen Flavour. It also has all the ingredients and properties of any regular toothpaste, such as menthol to keep your breath fresh and teeth white. 

Source: @awe.somm | Instagram

Though we’re not sure about the part of keeping our teeth white, judging by the crimson red of the toothpaste. 

Source: | Instagram
Source: | Instagram

There are two types of spicy toothpaste available: a normal version with mild spiciness and a “nuclear spiciness” version with burning hot flavor. 

Source: | Instagram

According to reviews, those who have tried it claim that the toothpaste tastes nothing like samyang at all and is in fact quite refreshing. What do you think? The only way to find out is to purchase a set from Shopee for S$7! 

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