Scrambled – New Cafe By Ex Michelin-Starred Restaurant Chefs Serves Brioche Burgers And Eggs With Steak

Get your comfort breakfast food fix anytime at Scrambled   

Scrambled Cafe (1)Anyone who’s ever tried their hand at whipping up scrambled eggs would know how incredulously difficult it is to master the perfect scrambled eggs, but take a seat at Scrambled, a new eggs-centric cafe in Icon Village, and you’ll be in for some comfort food and impressively creamy, buttery, and fluffy eggs!
Scrambled Cafe (2)
Located just a 5-minute walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT, Scrambled serves their eggs either in burgers or in a box with an add-on on the side. With their chefs hailing from Michelin-starred restaurants like Jean Georges in New York and Bacchanalia and Odette in Singapore, it’s no wonder that their menu sounds comfortingly homely, yet look and taste like gourmet dishes.

Scrambled Cafe (11)Scrambled’s burgers are the perfect marriage of an upscale restaurant and a home-cooked meal.

That’s right, most of their burgers play around with the usual breakfast staples like hash browns, bacon, and cheese, but each is made with freshly toasted brioche buns ordered from the Michelin-starred wood fire grill restaurant Burnt Ends, and comes with intriguing original sauces like Maple Aioli, Curry Ketchup, and Chipotle Aioli!

Scrambled Cafe (7)Scrambled also offers other interesting options like Smoked Salmon, Smoked Duck, and a non-meat Avocado & Tomato burger.

Scrambled Cafe (10)
For a satisfying and no-frills scrambled eggs burger, opt for the Signature Egg ($7.90). Made with perfectly done scrambled eggs – the main star of the show – hash brown, cheese, sweet onion jam, and chipotle aioli, it’s sinfully delicious and extremely flavourful with a slight spicy tang to cut through all that heartiness.
Scrambled Cafe (4)
If you’re someone with a large appetite, dig into the Scrambled Stack ($13.90). It’s essentially an English breakfast condensed into a conveniently wrapped burger, and consists of scrambled eggs, cheese, hash brown, spam, bacon, tomatoes, avocado, and a generous slathering of onion jam and chipotle aioli again!
Scrambled Cafe (3)
Sides like Truffle Fries ($5.50) and Scrambled Signature Fries ($4.50) are also available, and we suggest that spice lovers should give the latter a try – seasoned with a secret house blend of spices, it’s savoury with just a hint of heat, making it incredibly addictive.
Scrambled Cafe (5)
As for those who rather have something less filling, order the Scrambled Signature Eggs ($4.90), which comes in a box along with 1 add-on of your choice – choose from spam, bacon, smoked duck, smoked salmon, and more!
Scrambled Cafe (6)
Our personal favourite has got to be their newly-released Steak N’ Eggs ($14.90) though, which is undeniably the most indulgent treat of all from the menu. Fresh premium grade sirloin steak is used and cooked sous vide with truffle oil, resulting in tender, juicy, and flavourful morsels, which are then topped with a large scoop of zesty chimichurri sauce. It’s no wonder it often gets sold out by evening!
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Scrambled Cafe (9)
Address: #01-33/34 Icon Village, 12 Gopeng Street, Singapore 078877
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 11.30AM – 8PM
Telephone: +65 6221 0289

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