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Naga House is a cool new joint you should add to your list; located in the Boat Quay area, Naga House offers something for everyone from day to night. Started by a group of close friends, Naga House’s concept and motto is to become a community space, where people can gather at all times of the day to have good food and drinks that are easy on the wallet. 

This sentiment is reflected in their decor: with a hip electric blue and industrial-inspired theme, minimalist furniture of sleek steel tables and camper chairs to complete the look. There’s also a spacious outdoor area with canvas camping chairs and crates for tables if you’re into soaking in the outdoor vibes during your visit. 

Naga House also looks to incorporate fashion into their branding, currently having a small retail space located within the store itself, with plans to include more fashion items and brands in future. In the retail section, you’ll find items like t-shirts, bags, accessories and more from unique and under-the-radar streetwear brands like Pasar Peninsula, TAIKAN, Pras The Bandit and more. Naga House also looks to incorporate music into their space, and you can probably look forward to seeing some live bands playing at the café-bar sometime in the near future! 

As a café by day and bar by night, Naga House offers something for all times of the day, with coffee, tea and other beverages during the day (10am-5pm). For all-day eats (10am-9pm), look forward to fuss-free and affordable eats like sandos, pasta, snacks, fried chicken and more.

Flank Steak Sando, $16

During our visit, we had the Flank Steak Sando ($16), House-Fried Chicken with Tamago Kake Gohan ($14) and the Naga Pasta ($16). The Flank Steak Sando was served with a side of cassava chips, and had a perfect golden-brown crust on the bread for that crisp bite that we love. Even after being left out for a while, the flank steak was not tough or chewy and still maintained a pretty juicy, tender bite. The bread-to-filling ratio was also ideal, and the fried garlic bits sprinkled within packed quite a punch. 

House-Fried Chicken with Tamago Kake Gohan, $14

The House-Fried Chicken with Tamago Kake Gohan was something quite unique—instead of plain white rice, the rice at Naga House is flavoured with an onsen egg, thoroughly mixed such that each grain is coated with eggy, buttery goodness. The fried chicken was also nicely battered and freshly fried, making a great crunchy contrast with the soft and creamy rice. Make sure to eat this before it cools though, as the rice can get congealed and sticky if you leave it out for too long! 

Naga Pasta, $16

The signature item is the Naga Pasta, which is similar to the aglio olio that we’re familiar with, but with an Asian twist of kombu, hehbi and chilli oil. We especially loved the onsen egg that’s included with the pasta, lending the dish that extra sauciness and creaminess. Overall, while the food wasn’t mind-blowing by any means; at such an affordable price point, we have no complaints and would gladly devour them all again. 

Mum’s G & T, $14

Daddy Yuzu, $14

Pretty Boy Whiskey, $14

The most exciting part about Naga House is probably their affordable all-day cocktails. Starting at just $12 each, what’s not to love? We tried 3 of their signature cocktails ($14 each): Mum’s G & T, Daddy Yuzu and Pretty Boy Whiskey. Out of the 3, our favourites were definitely Mum’s G & T and Pretty Boy Whiskey that offered a fresh take on the classic Gin & Tonic and Old Fashioned cocktails with the addition of chrysanthemum-infused gin and orange-ginger syrup respectively.


Naga House

Ambience: 3/5

Food/Drinks: 3/5

Service: 2/5

Price: $

Worth a visit: Come for chill vibes & affordable drinks! 


Address: 14 Lor Telok, Singapore 049027

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10am-12pm