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Hailing from Shibuya, Japan, these viral cake-in-a-can sold from vending machines made waves on social media last year for their novel and aesthetic presentation. Fast forward to a year later and these iconic canned cakes have finally made their way to Singapore shores so you can try them for yourself!

We got an exclusive first look and taste at the viral parfait-style canned cake to see what the hype is all about! These one-of-a-kind canned cakes are imported directly from Okashi Gaku in Japan, and are replenished weekly to maintain the cakes’ freshness and quality.

There are 7 flavours available at Singapore’s Okashi Gaku vending machine, with 3 Singapore-exclusive flavours. Choose from the Fuwa Cans with flavours like Strawberry ($9.80), Mango & Passionfruit ($9.80); plus Singapore-exclusive flavours like Matcha ($8.80), Mango & Chocolate ($9.80) or Tiramisu ($8.80), all of which come decorated with various coloured jellies. Don’t forget the best selling Strawberry Shortcake ($11.80) and a more unique Egg Pudding Can ($5.80).

Aside from the aesthetic visuals and novelty of buying cake from a vending machine (like you would a regular soft drink), Okashi Gaku’s canned cakes actually taste quite exquisite, comparable to the cakes you’d get at other Japanese patisseries. Open the canned cakes like you would any other can and just dig right in with your spoon! 

Strawberry Shortcake Can, $11.80

Out of the flavours we tried, our favourite was still the OG best-seller, Strawberry Shortcake ($11.80), with layers of light whipped cream and fluffy chiffon cake and dotted with fresh Hokkaido strawberries and puree for that extra burst of tartness and juiciness. We liked how the cake and whipped cream weren’t overly sweet, and what’s interesting is that some of the strawberries were still slightly frozen, which made for a unique texture that you won’t get from regular room-temperature strawberry shortcakes. 

Tiramisu, $8.80

Don’t miss out on the Singapore-exclusive flavours either! Although not as strong or espresso-heavy like your traditional tiramisu, the Tiramisu ($8.80) was pretty decent, with chocolate chips dotted throughout the cake. The bitterness from the cocoa powder also helped to counter the sweetness of the cream. 

Matcha, $8.80

Mango & Chocolate, $9.80

Matcha lovers can go for the Matcha ($8.80) flavour, but be warned that if you’re looking for a strong matcha flavour, you won’t get it here as the matcha aroma and taste is more subtle and understated rather than in-your-face. Mango & Chocolate ($9.80) is also a pretty unique flavour pairing, but this could get a little sweet as the mango puree is more on the sweet side rather than being tart.

So are the viral canned cakes worth the hype? Considering that the prices of the canned cakes are comparable to a slice of cake you’d get at cafés, we say this is definitely worth a try for the fun and novelty of eating cake out of a can! The cakes are not only pretty to look at, but they also have the quality to back it up and taste just as good as they look. 

As the cakes are stored in the vending machine at temperatures of 0-3 degrees celsius, you’re recommended to let the cakes sit for about an hour until they reach room temperature, or if you prefer, you can also eat them slightly frozen for a different experience! The cakes can keep in the refrigerator for up to a week once dispensed from the vending machine. The Okashi Gaku Vending Machine is takeaway-only and will be open to the public starting from 16th September 2022 at the entrance of Eat at Seven at Suntec City. Note that the vending machine is fully cashless, so you can pay via credit/debit card and all other forms of digital payment. 


Okashi Gaku

Ambience: NA

Food/Drinks: 3.5/5

Service: NA

Price: $

Worth a visit: Tastes as good as it looks!


Date: From 16th September 2022 onwards

Address: Suntec City, North Wing, #03-306/307, 310-316, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038983 (at the entrance of Eat at Seven)

Opening Hours: 11.30am-10pm daily