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The brand Nicole’s Flower is widely known for its gorgeous botanical-inspired café concepts: from the original Café de Nicole’s Flower, French European-inspired Le Jardin to Scandinavian-inspired Under Der Linden—all Nicole’s Flower concepts highlight and centre around the beauty of flowers. The latest addition to the Nicoles Flower family is no exception. Ce Soir, meaning “tonight” in French, is a beautiful dining concept that’s aesthetic and IG-worthy both on the outside and on the inside. While Nicole’s Flower’s other café concepts are more casual, Ce Soir is set apart as a more elevated and semi-fine dining experience, offering luxurious French and Asian-inspired course meals for lunch and dinner. 

Ce Soir is located in the same vicinity as Under Der Linden, and walking up to the restaurant makes you feel a little like royalty, with a richly-patterned carpet leading the way to the entrance. The facade of the restaurant is also adorned with nude-coloured preserved blooms, perfect for taking your OOTD shots, especially when night falls and the path is lit by fairy lights. Stepping into the restaurant space itself feels like a dream, the main dining area only holds 6 tables and while the interior is elegantly decorated in black and white, it still manages to feel homey. As expected, every corner of Ce Soir is decorated in florals, from the ceiling, the walls and on the dining tables, making every part of the restaurant ultra Instagrammable. 

There’s also a private room that seats up to 10 people, for ultra special occasions. Minimum spending for the private room is $1005 for lunch and $2000 for dinner. As the tables in the main restaurant can only accommodate a maximum group size of 5, if you have more than 5 persons in your party, you’ll have to book the private room for your visit. 

Ce Soir only has 2 dining sessions: lunch and dinner, with a choice of 2 different course meals for both sessions. For lunch, you have the 6-course Bloom Menu ($78) or the 7-course Lustre Menu ($98); and for dinner, you have the 8-course Luminescent Menu ($148) or the 9-course Iridescent Menu ($188). You’re encouraged to set aside at least 2-2.5 hours for each dining session in order to fully savour and experience the Ce Soir courses like they were made to be enjoyed.

Selection of Breads & Butter



Salmon Roe Tartlet

Charcoal Kuih Loyang

The chef of Ce Soir used to work at Les Amis, so you already know the food’s going to be good. We had the 7-course Lustre Menu during our lunch visit, and nearly every course in the menu was immaculate. Each dish was also presented beautifully, embellished with fresh edible blooms—truly visually stunning and gorgeous. Starting with a selection of warm bread and French butters, this is sure to please all you bread lovers out there. Even the canapes served were not only beautiful to look at, they were also delightful little morsels, each bursting with texture and flavour. 

Yukimoro Snow Aged A4 Full Blood Wagyu

For mains, we highly recommend that you splurge on the Yukimoro Snow Aged A4 Full Blood Wagyu (additional $35 supplement). Served at a pretty pink medium rare, the snow-aged wagyu is mouth-wateringly tender and juicy (just look at that insane marbling!).

Hiramisa Kingfish

Ora King Salmon

Lumina Lamb



One thing to note about Ce Soir is that they focus mainly on raw ingredients, seafood and meat, so most of the items in the course feature some kind of raw fish, seafood or meat. While we aren’t usually a fan of raw fish, the Hiramisa Kingfish and Ora King Salmon were beautifully executed in a way where the rawness of the fish is not pronounced, but the flavours and textures were well balanced. To experience Ce Soir at its finest, it’s best if you don’t have any dietary restrictions; however if you’re vegetarian/vegan you can still come to experience Ce Soir and they’ll make special arrangements for you. 

Since the restaurant is pretty small with only a few tables, the vibe at Ce Soir is super intimate and cosy, with impeccable and attentive service. One of our favourite things about Ce Soir is the fact that they don’t impose any sort of dining limit whatsoever. While the recommended dining time to fully enjoy the course is 2-2.5 hours, you’re more than welcome to stay longer! In fact, you probably will end up staying past the 2-hour mark, as the ambience just makes you feel at home. 

All in all, our experience at Ce Soir was unforgettable—from the vibe, service, food, everything was spot on. Each course was unique both in visuals and taste; and for $78, you get a carefully curated and filling meal that won’t leave you hungry (we walked out feeling absolutely stuffed!). In our opinion, the meal at Ce Soir was worth every penny, and we’ll definitely be back for more. Ce Soir’s menu changes seasonally to highlight the best of what’s available, according to the French seasons. The current menu served at Ce Soir is their spring menu and will be served till sometime in July, so head down to try it before it’s gone! 


Ce Soir

Ambience: 5/5

Food/Drinks: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Price: $$$

Worth a visit: Most definitely


Address: 5B Portsdown Rd, Singapore 139311

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 12pm-4pm & 6.30pm-9pm