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Simple Crystal Jelly and Fruit Dumpling Recipe!

Get creative with your traditional rice dumpling recipes, and consider the internet’s latest trend – Crystal Rice Dumplings made from jelly and fruit!

To create this adorable snack, simply begin by dicing various fruits into small pieces.

Slowly pour jelly powder into an estimated 1000cc of cold water, stir evenly, and boil, before leaving it idle to cool down to an estimated 60 degrees. Adjust the dish to your preference of sweetness by adding more or limiting the amount of sugar used. Typically, one packet of concentrated jelly powder can produce up to 12 Crystal Rice Dumplings.

Once your jelly is ready, place your diced fruit into miniature zipper bags and begin filling. Mix and match the colours of your fruit to create more eye-catching and insta-worthy dumplings. Gather the upper sides of the bag to make a ‘zongzi’ or rice dumpling shape as you fill each plastic with jelly.

Squeeze out all remaining air before sealing by folding the mouth of the bag downwards. In order to form completely your jelly will require time to cool.

Simply seal each bag with a clip, and place it in the refrigerator for an estimated 20 minutes.

For those too lazy or busy to form a proper dumpling, this jelly looks equally as good being eaten from a bowl as well!

*Images by Tobymomeveryday on Facebook

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