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Singapore’s First All-In-One Bookstore, Cafe, and Art Gallery in Wheelock

Spanning two storeys, the Zall Bookstore aims to embrace and portray traditional Chinese culture in its most authentic form. Hailing from Hubei, Wuhan, this bookstore comprises of an art gallery, café, and library with open concept play areas and an array of homely in-and-outdoor lounge spaces.

Despite its collection of predominantly historic and philosophical Chinese literature, the store also showcases a vast variety of children and young adult storybooks in English.

With a monochromatic colour scheme of white and black,  the Zall Bookstore’s interior features innovative installations in the form of shelves attached to pre-existing columns, and unique benches which double up as additional storage space.

Inspired by the essence of the Jiangnan water-town, this store is centered by a spiral staircase which extends from the second floor to the first – resembling a river bridge whilst symbolising the essence of connection between two streets of a city.

Unsuspectingly concealed behind one of the establishment’s innumerable bookshelves, lies an intimate art gallery. Showcasing a new exhibition every month, Zall Bookstore has displayed and sold the work of prominent local artists.

Unveiling yet another exhibition, the gallery is expected to feature five artists from Hubei, Wuhan, from now till 10th April 2021. Free for all to visit, the art gallery space is also available for rent, at a flat rate of $1,000/hour, by companies and artists that wish to host private conferences.

Situated on level one, the store’s café serves authentic Roasted Oolong, Honey Ruby, Champagne Oolong, and Ruby Amber Taiwanese tea, for an average price of $12.90 per pot, alongside an array of caffeinated beverages such as, the Vanilla or Matcha Espresso worth $7.50 and $8, respectively.

Other offerings include, bite sized pastries in the form of creamy rainbow cakes for $7.50, miniature emoji-inspired mochi for $1.90, and a delicious Butter Chicken Pie worth $7.50.

Complete with exclusive stationery and handmade crafts, most notably a water bottle made from cassette tapes which link to a digital song, the Zall Bookstore represents both an ideal and convenient pitstop in the heart of town for a cup of hot aromatic tea, a scrumptious bite, good read, and an interesting new find.


Zall Bookstore

Address: 501 Orchard Road, Wheelock Place

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm daily

TCC’s Exclusive Women’s Day Special: $3.80 Sakura Latte!

$9.90 Ice Cream Buffet!