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Singapore’s First-Ever Pet-Friendly Yoga Studio

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Eating amidst a sea of little animals is overrated, try working out! Puppy Yoga is Singapore’s first-ever animal-friendly studio which combines our love for animals with the desire to keep fit. Founded by fresh NUS graduate Audrey Sin, Puppy Yoga offers a variety of weekly classes that are split into two segments consisting of 35 minutes of uninterrupted yoga, and 15 minutes of playtime!

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Open to everyone, Puppy Yoga abides by Singapore’s stringent safe distancing rules, accepting a maximum capacity of 8-10 people per session. Led by experienced instructors, each session facilitates a safe and calm atmosphere surrounded by cute, loving dogs who will come up to play or cuddle with you as you do yoga! The studio also ensures each dog is able to socialize comfortably, to the best of their capabilities, by providing a calm and stress-free environment, and even donates a portion of all operating profits to a variety of dog shelters in Singapore.

(Image by Puppy Yoga)

For health and safety reasons, each participant must be over the age of 18 in order to attend each class, and each dog must meet the studio’s specific requirements to be granted access. These requirements include, a height of 40cm (at their shoulders) and weight of 10kg and below, a non-aggressive and friendly demeanor, clean fur and a healthy immune system. Each dog must also be recently vaccinated, and potty trained.

(Image by Puppy Yoga)

Costing an estimated $25 for participants who wish to bring their pets, and $35 for those who come alone, Puppy Yoga Singapore reserves the right to withhold refunds, and turn away dogs that do not meet the studio’s pre-determined requirements.


Puppy Yoga Singapore

Address: 9 Tan Quee Lan Street, Singapore 188091

Operating Hours: Sunday, 4:30pm – 6:30pm

Tel: 96170595

Website | Instagram

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