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Singapore’s First Online Pizzeria With Dedicated Crust Dips!

If Gen-Z were a pizza, we’d be one of innumerable offerings in the Happy Ending Pizza Parlour’s extensive menu. Regarded Singapore’s first online pizzeria to introduce dips for pizza crust, alongside an array of bold and unique flavours, Happy Ending Pizza is based on a simple love for great food and strong camaraderie.

Born out of a desire to change the way in which people view or enjoy pizza, the Happy Ending Parlour was founded by Janan Kwek, who noticed others’ tendency to discard crust. Upon realizing the immense food wastage such acts cause, Janan Kwek had since dedicated his career to perfecting the art of creating light and airy crusts, which he then effortlessly paired with toothsome homemade sauces.

Handcrafted using the finest flour, air-flown from Italy, the Happy Ending Pizza Parlour’s crusts are characterized by their fluffy, airy, and flavourful qualities – thanks to the establishment’s 72-hour quality-control, fermentation and maturation process. Made from meticulously curated, fresh and premium ingredients only, Happy Ending Pizza Parlour showcases a wide variety of delectable alternatives in the form of classic $23 pepperoni, $7 mushroom, and $27 Hawaiian, to $28 mala, $26 blueberry jam, and $28 crab flavours.

Complete with a diverse range of complimentary 50ml ‘Happy Dips’ for your crust, Happy Ending Pizza offers flavours such as, honey, red pesto, bacon jam, chili crab, and cooling ranch, amongst a range of others. While guests don’t get to choose the complimentary dip’s flavour, they are encouraged to taste the full range, by simply topping up $3 for each extra cup.

Located along Beach Road, the Happy Ending Pizza Parlour was designed to resemble a pizza parlour from the past. Its colourful 25-seater restaurant is a retro haven, glowing with neon lights and abuzz with fun, upbeat tunes from the 80s and 90s, from the likes of Queen, The Beatles and even Rick Astley.


Happy Ending Pizza Parlour @ City Gate

Address: 371 Beach Rd, City Gate, #01-35, 199597, Singapore 89121408

Operating Hours: (Tues – Sun): 11am – 2pm, and 6pm – 10pm

Website |Facebook

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