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Singapore’s Latest Minimalist Cafe Takes Affordable Luxury to New Heights

We all love a good homegrown success story, especially now as we enter phase 3 of an unprecedented global health crisis. With an increasing number of businesses evolving, rebranding, and in worse cases, shutting down, the renewed buzz circulating local SME enterprises, is somewhat refreshing.

Tucked away on the second floor of Tanjong Pagar Plaza, directly opposite 100AM Mall, Equate Coffee represents the materialized passion of two friends – Ryan and Jacob. Established in December 2020, this cafe was inspired by both the architectural designs of South Korea and the immaculate service-oriented practices of Melbourne, Australia, with hints of both influences present throughout.

Easily distinguished by the earliest symbols learnt in childhood, Equate Coffee’s signature monogram, ‘+ ÷ x –‘, aims to provide a sense of familiarity and exude serenity, whilst the store’s cave-like installation marks a physical departure from the outside world. Ultimately, the duo’s goal is to create a space of relaxation and escape from the inherent stress of everyday life.

Focusing on specialty coffee, and in-house blends, Ryan and Jacob share a genuine love for the art of drip coffee. Through utilizing a variety of beans imported from exotic places such as Brazil and Ethiopia, the duo serve warmth, comfort, and a sense of luxury in unique ceramic and stone cups.

With every element, right down to the cutlery, designed to manifest the brand’s raw and authentic feel, these cups embody the similar clean lines and rustic texture that are present throughout the store.

Stationed at a futuristic gold counter with a marble tabletop, Ryan and Jacob invite guests to review their meticulously curated menu of signature pastries and customizable beverages. Brewed and baked from scratch in-house, each treat pairs seamlessly with the store’s selection of drinks.

Their menu features, an Earl Grey Loaf ($4), which the duo describe as ‘light, fluffy, and straight forward’, the Mount Ondeh ($7) which pairs perfectly with black coffee, and most notably, the Canelé ($4) which is not only dense and chewy, but specially crafted to be dipped into each drink’s foam.

Ranging anywhere from $4.50 for a regular black espresso to $5 for a non-caffeinated hot chocolate, and $8 for an exquisite Ethiopian blend, Equate Coffee is incredibly affordable despite its premium standard of quality and service. Which is not at all surprising, since its founders have consistently expressed the desire to create a brand which will resonate well with the everyday Singaporean.

Equate Coffee is a Covid-friendly space, which utilizes eco-friendly utensils that are 100% combustible to minimize waste. Located at 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #02-25, Singapore 082001, the brand is currently encouraging take-away orders throughout the duration of their soft-launch week, and are looking forward to seeing customers from all walks of life enjoying the creations they’ve worked tirelessly to perfect, from 1st March 2021 onwards.

Opening Hours: 8:30am – 5:30pm (Mon – Fri), 8am – 3pm (Sat), Closed Sun.