Sparkling Gold Brew & Unicorn Tears from Dapper Coffee
Located on the second level of a shop house along Amoy Street, Dapper Coffee could very well be the CBD’s best kept secret. This coffee house is easy to miss, with only a couple of signs on the street leading to a long flight of stairs that will take you up to this hidden joint.
Their spunky interior deviates from your usual brightly lit and industrial chic café decor. This space is embellished with dark wood furniture, retro signage and warm lighting. Sunlight streaming in through the cracks in the curtains intensifies the mysterious and elusive charm of this cosy nook – very, very alluring indeed.
Dapper2Dapper Coffee is a coffee joint that transforms into a swanky bar come night fall. Day offerings include hearty brunch staples and an impressive range of gourmet coffee. They’re known for their novel and bold drink experimentations, and two of their bestsellers – Unicorn Tears and Gold Brew – have gained some serious food trend traction lately.
Cold brew is nothing new, but cold brew with shimmering gold dust? Now we’re talkin’. You will be delighted to know that Gold Brew ($10) does not only rank high on the visual scale with its iridescent specks. The coffee itself is equally amazing; strong and clean-tasting without being too acidic. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans are used to achieve this light and refreshing texture.
If you’re not all that into coffee but still want the magic, the non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic Unicorn Tears ($10) is another sparkly alternative. This glittery aquatic blue drink is like a LUSH bath bomb in a bottle. The magic happens when you swirl it, as silver shavings of edible glitter give it a glimmering touch. The ingredients are a secret, but rumour has it that these are 100% tears of joy from Sparkles, Dapper’s pure bred Mongolian Unicorn.
These mythical drinks are concocted daily in limited quantities, so be there early to avoid disappointment! Alternatively, you can always order online and self-collect it at the store. Apart from Gold Brew and Unicorn Tears, other intriguing options include Earl Grey Yuan Yang ($8) and Iced Fruit Infusion ($6).
The team behind Dapper Coffee is evidently big on experimenting with quirky flavours, so it’s no surprise that their dessert menu also boast unique cake flavours like the Salted Egg Black Sesame Cake ($9). Customisable off-menu drinks are also available upon request. Free Wi-Fi and charging points at almost every table is a plus, making it an ideal workspace for a productive afternoon of work or a chill catch-up sesh with friends.
Dapper Coffee
73 Amoy Street, Second Floor, Singapore 069892
Hours: 8AM–5PM, Mon to Fri (closed on weekends)
more information at and

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