Supersized Nissin Cup Noodles Now Available In FairPrice With Flavours Tom Yam Seafood And Japanese Cheese Curry!

More noodles and ingredients in Nissin Big Cup Noodles  

Nissin Big Cup Noodles (3)
Raise your hand if one packet of cup noodles usually isn’t enough for you! Nissin Big Cup Noodles are finally available in NTUC FairPrice outlets islandwide, and it’s perfect for those who are extra hungry or have a bigger appetite.

Nissin Big Cup Noodles (1)There’s even an ongoing promotion for the cup noodles! Source: NTUC FairPrice On

Each of these cup contains about 30% – 40% more noodles and ingredients than the normal ones, and are retailing for just $2.40!
Nissin Big Cup Noodles (2)
So far, the noodles are available in 2 flavours – the crowd-favourite Tom Yam Seafood and an all-new Japanese Cheese Curry, which is creamy and mildly spicy with just the right amount of piquancy.

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