Sweet, Sour & Alcoholic Gummy Bears?!

Bears & Friends is finally here in Singapore to offer you all things gummy bears!

Bears & Friends has dedicated itself to providing its customers with first class gummies since 1995, with their first outlet opened in Munich, Germany. To do so, their gummies are made with all things natural! Say bye to artificial flavouring, artificial colours (with few exceptions) and hello to discovering actual fruit pulps in every bite.

The entrance is fully decorated with a gummy bears mural that has a Singaporean flare to it, showcasing unique icons such as a Merlion gummy bear and a gummy bear with a cup of kopi in its hand.

Upon entering the outlet, feast your eyes on the wide variety of gummies. The room is filled with shelves packed with different coloured and flavoured gummy bears. Vegan and vegetarian options are also available. 

Not to mention, you can sample out the gummies you are interested in before deciding on your purchase.

These sweet treats cost $2.50 for every 50g and there is a minimum purchase of 150g. 

Here are a few gummies treats you should try out:

Wine Sparkling Bears

Looking for something to tease your palate?Try the wine sparkling gummy bears which are made from Prosecco. There is a slight hint of alcohol but overall it’s mostly fruity and has a slight fizzy aftertaste.

Chilli Gummy

Calling all spicy food lovers! Not only does this gummy look like a chilli, it tastes like one too. If you think you are up for the challenge, we highly recommend you trying it out for yourself.

Bears & Friends

Mastermind Gummy

Also a hot seller, this brain-looking gummy has a fruity sour strawberry filling with marshmallow in it too.

 Bears & Friends

Honey Bee Gummy

Unlike your typical bees, this one is not here to sting. Instead, these gummy bees taste very similar to your favourite honey drinks that you will be asking for more.

Gin and Tonic Gummy

Don’t be fooled by the name, these gummies are not at all alcoholic but still give off the bright and zesty taste you would expect from gin and tonic. These gummies have a strong lime flavour and leave you with a bitter after taste.  

Fruit Salad Gummy

Find a surprise in every bite, these fruit gummies have actual fruit pulps inside. Flavours include, apple, pears, cherry and peach. 

Bears & Friends

Frog Gummy

These adorable gummies give you a blend of apple with double marshmallow underneath.

Bears & Friends

Bears & Friends

Address: 78 Haji Lane, Singapore 189270


12pm – 8.30pm (mon – thurs)

12pm – 9.30pm (fri & sat)

12pm – 8pm (sun)

Phone: 9058 3345

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