Taiwan’s Biggest Bubble Tea Chain, Ten Ren Tea Is Opening Its First Outlet In Singapore

Traditional brew BBT from Ten Ren Tea 天仁茗茶

Ten Ren Tea 6
In a bubble tea-crazed nation like ourselves, having one of Taiwan’s biggest bubble tea chains open its first outlet here in Singapore is wonderful news. Officially opening in Chinatown Point on 28th July, Ten Ren Tea 天仁茗茶 was founded way back in 1953, and has about 2000 stores all around the globe in places like China, Australia, North America, and Vietnam.
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Plus, Ten Ren Tea is also one of the world’s largest tea retailer, so those who often order 50% or less sugar level will be pleased to know that their speciality is in traditional brews! This means that unlike the usual bubble tea that’s available, Ten Ren Tea’s are stronger in flavour, less sugary, and most importantly – not as cloying.
Ten Ren Tea 1
Using only natural and organic ingredients, refined sugar is substituted with honey and fruit sugar, and fresh fruits are prepared and squeezed daily. Their mochi-like pearls are also made in-house and softer than most, and only fresh milk is used in their milk teas, creating a creamy layer of froth when the ingredients are blended together!
Ten Ren Tea 5
You’ll be able to choose from 6 different sweetness levels – 125%, 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, and 0% – but take note that you mustn’t go for your usual orderThis is because the 100% sweetness level available at this bubble tea giant is similar to that of the 80% sugar level in most other bubble tea stores, so adjust accordingly!


913 King’s Oolong Milk Tea

Ten Ren Tea 11
If the classic milk tea is your favourite, make sure to give Ten Ren Tea’s signature 913 King’s Oolong Milk Tea ($3.50 for M, $4.90 for L) a try. Made from a premium mix of homegrown oolong tea, ginseng, and fresh milk, there is absolutely no trace of bitterness in this flavourful yet light and faintly sweet drink! In fact, the only aftertaste that you’ll be left with is a fragrant roasted aroma that lingers in your mouth after each sip.

Orange Green Tea

Ten Ren Tea 10
If you’re in the mood for something slightly more refreshing, opt for the Orange Green Tea ($4 for M, $5.60 for L). Tangy without being too sour, the freshly squeezed orange juice is stronger tasting than the green tea, which provides an aromatic afternote that helps to soften the tartness of the fruit!

Taro Green Milk Tea

Ten Ren Tea 8
Taro fans, this one’s for you – the Taro Green Milk Tea ($4.70 for M, $6.50 for L)! Made with taro that’s prepared fresh daily, you can see actual bits of taro in the drink. Plus, Ten Ren Tea managed to perfect the ratio of taro to fresh milk, which makes for a well-balanced, light yet flavourful taro fix!

Green Tea With Fresh Fruit

Ten Ren Tea 7
Great for a midday pick-me-up, the Green Tea with Fresh Fruit ($5 for M, $6.50 for L) is meant only for those who can handle sour foods well. Made with lemon, orange, and green tea powder, this invigorating drink has a stronger green tea taste, unlike the Orange Green Tea!

Passionfruit Green Tea

Ten Ren Tea 9
One look at the Passionfruit Green Tea ($3.50 for M, $4.90 for L) and you’ll know for sure that real fresh fruits are used in Ten Ren Tea. Sweet and zesty with a subtle green tea taste, the crunchy passion fruit seeds give the drink added texture!
Ten Ren Tea 12
It doesn’t matter if you’re someone who has a sweet tooth or not – with their wide variety of aromatic milk tea, fruit tea, and latte flavours, you’ll definitely be able to find something at Ten Ren Tea – so make sure to pop down soon because they’re having all-day 1-for-1 opening promotion from 28th – 29th July! As an added bonus, the first 150 customers will receive a goodie bag worth $50 too.
Address: #01-07, Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059413
Opening Hours: 10AM – 10PM Daily
Telephone: 6909 7375

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