The Gudetama Cafe opens in Singapore!
Calling all fans of Sanrio’s lovable lazy egg, Gudetama! Boy do we have egg-citing news for you.  The long awaited Gudetama themed cafe will officially open in Singapore come 30th November!
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The name “Gudetama” is a combination of words “gude”, which describes someone or something with no energy or strength, and “tama” from the Japanese word “tamago” (egg). Armed with a mint leaf to keep cool and composed in our humid weather, the adorable Singaporean Gudetama has even learnt some lazy Singlish words like “nua” and “bo chup”, sure to impress local diners at the cafe.
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Brought to our sunny shores by homegrown brands, Joe & Dough and The Soup Spoon, the spanking new themed cafe will offer a wide range of Gudetama inspired food, desserts and handcrafted beverages that are “oishi” and “kawaii” at the same time. The cafe has also teamed up with award-winning bento artist and local food blogger, Shirley Wong or better known as “Little Miss Bento” for food styling and co-creation of the Gudetama cafe menu.
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The cafe will offer an all-day dining menu comprising of 10 main courses, 4 side dishes, 5 desserts, 2 kids’ meals and a range of specialty drinks. Prices for main courses range from $18.00 to $38.00 and prices for side dishes start from $12.50. Some highlights would include sides like the Gudetama Lobster Onsen ($16.00), a lobster bisque with a wobbly Gudetama poached egg in bread bowl with seasonal greens, and mains such as Eggcited Cajun Chicken with Waffles ($23.90), grilled cajun chicken and sunny side up egg on a buttermilk waffle served with maple syrup and cream, and “Shiok” Pork Ribs ($38.50), a generous serving of tender St. Louis style pork ribs drizzled in a flavourful BBQ sauce and served with thick cut fries, corn on cob and garden vegetables.
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The real show stopper are cafe’s desserts, which have been styled to look like popular Japanese food items. A must-try would be the TA-MA-GO ($12.90), a sushi lookalike dessert featuring two layers of delicious cheesecake coated in rice puffs topped with an egg sponge cake, served with matcha curd and maple syrup. Another definite jaw dropper would be the Shoyu Ramen ($21.50), made of a base of rich chocolate mouse, topped with delicious Chestnut Mont Blanc, earl grey jelly and orange tulle, served with panna cotta in sweet rose tea.
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Cafe goers will get to enjoy their Gudetama themed meals in a “Food Playground”, complete with waffle ceilings, animated walls and egg shaped booths. There is even a table designed to look like an egg carton filled with eggs! Not forgetting the Gudetama figurines for photo opportunities that can be all around the cafe, which comprises of a main dining area and an indoor garden with a green wall and a Gudetama water fountain.
Gudetama Cafe Singapore
Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #01-361

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