The Gym Pod Is Singapore’s First Smart Capsule Gym That’s Open 24/7 And Charges Only $7/Hour

A private gym just for you, near your workplace

The Gym Pod 1Source: @chan9yan

Gyms and fitness classes are a great way to get fit, but we can all agree that we’ve wished one time too many that the place was emptier and the memberships were cheaper.
Thanks to The Gym Pod, we can now have private gym containers to exercise in! A dream come true not just for those who hate crowds, this means no queueing for equipment, no side-eyed competition with the person working out next to you, and no hefty bills.
Officially launched just a month ago, here are what The Gym Pod offers:

1. Quality over quantity

Understandably so, The Gym Pod doesn’t come with a buffet spread-worth of equipment. For just $7/hour, you get access to a personal treadmill, dumbbell rack, as well as a versatile guided weight-plate-loaded bar, also known as a Smith Machine.

The Gym Pod 3The Smith Machine allows you to train without the help of a spotter! Source: The Gym Pod

That’s a pretty sweet deal that covers your basic workouts, and the pod can fit up to 3 people at any time, so you’ll still have plenty of room to move around freely!

2. Affordable pay per use

The Gym Pod doesn’t run on memberships and only charges per entry, based on the number of hours ($7/hour) that you book the pod for. For now, payment can only be made via credit card when booking on the website.
First-timers get to enjoy a free hour of workout too!

3. Convenience, convenience, convenience

The Gym Pod 2Blinds are also installed for increased privacy. Source: The Gym Pod

There are a couple of gyms in Singapore that opens all day, and The Gym Pod is no different. Open all day every day, feel free to gym away at 4AM in the morning if that’s your cup of tea! As an added bonus, it’s fully automated and monitored 24/7 to ensure your safety.
It’s also entirely self-service, and users will receive a unique password to unlock their smart lock upon booking. Basic training guides on how to use the equipment provided are also available here!
Plus, while there’s only 1 pod located at JTC Launchpad for now, the folks behind The Gym Pod promise that there’ll be many more in both residential areas and business hubs soon!

The Gym Pod 4Source: The Gym Pod

P.S. They also take hygiene very seriously, and wipe down the seats and equipment with antibacterial spray and wipes regularly. Check out their list of rules here!
The Gym Pod
Address:  JTC Launchpad @ one-north, 73A Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139957
Opening Hours: 24/7 Daily

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