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The Official Nutella Cafe New York Is A Sweet Haven For All Nutella-Lovers!

Crepes, waffles, croissants, hot cocoa and more


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Calling all Nutella fans! If you’re flying to New York, you have to drop by Nutella Cafe New York, situated nearby Union Square Park, and indulge in delicious and photo-worthy desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Source: Nutella Cafe New York

Just opened on 14th November, Nutella Cafe New York is basically a Nutella paradise with that creamy, well-loved hazelnut spread added in everything from fluffy pancakes and crispy toasts to soft crepes and gooey brownies.


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You can customise your own crepes, toasts, waffles or pancakes with an extra drizzle of Nutella for just USD $5.95 (SGD $8.17) and top up USD $1.50 (SGD $2.06) for an additional serving of fruits of your choice.


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Imagine sinking your teeth into warm flaky croissants drizzled in chocolatey Nutella sauce and topped with tart strawberries. Yum…


 Artigianale (Nutella Gelato) Source: @dig_ny

They even have ice cream and ice pops for those who are craving something more refreshing! Again, these cool treats are topped with more Nutella sauce and a generous sprinkle of crushed hazelnuts.


Frozen Nutella Pop Source: @dig_ny


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Here’s a personal favourite that’s top on my list of must-haves the next time I head to the Big Apple – the Nutella-infused Creme Brulee (USD $8.95, SGD$12.29).

Let’s hope this cafe opens in Singapore soon!

Nutella Cafe New York

Address: 116 University Pl, New York, NY 10003, USA

Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs & Sun | 7AM – 9PM Fri | 7AM – 10PM Sat | 8AM – 10PM



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