The Replacement Lodge and Kitchen Recently Launched Their Boutique Lodge Perfect for the Weekend Getaway

Recently and newly opened, being the first and the only boutique lodge in the heritage town of Johor Bahru,  The Replacement Lodge and Kitchen has now delineated the paradigms of the standard and conventional cafe – with the implementation of their “lodge” where guests can actually stay over or bask in for a short getaway.
The cafe has recently refurbished and launched their boutique lodge, building new and improved residential blocks above the cafe itself. One need not question now how more enticing, convenient and location-savvy it could possibly be to have a beautiful cafe situated below your residing areas! Adopting an eye for a clean yet classy look, The Replacement has thoroughly (and successfully) re-imaged their outlook into one bearing the semblance of minimalistic and rustic influences.
The Replacement Lodge and Kitchen offer three themes to their lodges, the Skylight, the Loft and Stories.
Replacement 1
Replacement 2
Replacement 4
With a very kinfolk-inspired outlook, drawing on elements of the minimalistic and adopting a very polished feel, this Olympus owns style and comfort that definitely makes for a great staycation or weekend getaway haven.
Skylight (RM 170 – RM 220 per night inclusive of bed & breakfast set)
Aptly named for the ceiling window that brightens the room with natural sunlight, which highlights the clean white cum ebony oak outlook that styles it far more than simply a living space. The Skylight is snugly suitable for 2 and comes with full-length mirrors, a lounge chair, and compartment drawers hidden below the bed which keeps essential items like a blow-dryer.
Skylight 2
Skylight 3
Loft (RM 170 – RM 220 per night inclusive of bed & breakfast set)
With the comforting illusion of levels, the loft boasts a room style where the bottom area consists of a cosy lounge space with a leather sofa and a table whist the top consists the bed area. Ideal for a quiet and inspirative workspace with your laptop, the view of the bustling Jalan Dhoby Street will accompany you.
Loft 2
Loft 1
Loft 3
Loft 4
Stories (RM 150 – RM 200 per night inclusive of bed & breakfast set)
Realtively more communal, the Stories consists of a bunk bed with 2 single beds and a round table for reading and work from your laptop. This space is ideal for both a focused yet relaxing experience.
Replacement - Stories
Take note, however, that the bathrooms offered in the lodge are communal. With air-conditioning, bath essentials, and very vitally wireless internet connection, The Replacement’s lodge surely makes the cut in style and convenience both virtually and physically.
The Cafe
Replacement 2
replacement 4
Next but hardly the least, The Replacement has not dialled down on their food and beverage delivery even with the put-up residential space. Very amply looked up and one of the most popular haunts for locals and tourists from neighbouring countries, the cafe serves delectable cafe-style food that puts two and two together to form the perfect short weekend getaway for you.
replacement 3
Breakfast for the Guests
Piling on the basis of convenience, and included in guests’ stay, Breakfast is also made available in three choices – The Classic Breakfast, Turkey Egg Bens and Cereal and Fruits, and a selection of coffee, a pot of tea or freshly squeezed juice.
Classic Breakfast
The most popular dish well-liked and even better reviewed is The Replacement’s Breakfast Platter. Arranged in a colourful array are the standard brunch items you would normally have – eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and the works – with the succulent muesli bread an accompaniment to the variety of flavours, this is a definite must-try.
Big Breakfast
Big Breakfast 2

Turkey Eggs Ben

The typical favourite breakfast option – this time the eggs benedict is accompanied by scrumptious chewy turkey ham to bring out the flavours in the dish. Runny, yolky and topped off with sour sweet rocket leaves surrounded with milky hollandaise, this choice is one not to miss

replacement breakfast

Turkey Egg Bens

replacement 4

If you have been debating on embarking on a short relaxing break, look no further – replace your hesitation with your presence and time at The Replacement Lodge and Kitchen. Details on accommodation can be further found on their Airbnb Page.

33/34, Jalan Dhoby, 80000
Johor Bahru

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Fridays: 9am – 7pm
Saturdays and Sundays: 8am – 7pm

Social Media:
Instagram: @thereplacementlandk

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