The Very First Audio Cafe Opens in Sim Lim Square – Zeppelin And Co.

Unlike the conventional cafe with coffee and sights, Zeppelin and Co is the first ever audio cafe to spring in Singapore, and in Sim Lim Square of all other possible destinations – a gem in drawing its reclining patrons back into its bosoms. With a formerly staunch background in electronics and retail – Zeppelin and Co brings the two disparate worlds of electronics and coffee install a redefined sense of community. Carefully crafted to your wants, with “bar”-like counters displaying an array of audio equipment for you to sit at and test, even. Otherwise, the clean and inviting ambience here at Zeppelin and Co is great for simply kicking back and relaxing is another option open for you.
Zepplin & Co
Should you ever desire new headphones or anything aurally electronic and are unsure of what to buy, or simply to slow down, relax and enjoy a cuppa, then Zeppelin and Co is the place for you. With competent electronics advisors present for you to indulge in conversation with, splendid coffee and a community for like-minded music lovers and audiophiles, the café offers a wide variety of audio equipment. These include earphones, headphones, dedicated music players, amplifiers – you can even test try their most expensive Focal Utopia headphones going at SGD 5699, a definite novelty experience in a sound haven.
Zepplin 2
Zepplin 3
Zepplin 4
Zepplin 5
Zeppelin and Co prides itself in celebrating community as well as coffee, inducing a non-intimidating environment for you to enjoy the retail and aural experience, alongside hailing as a place for musicians, media and audio junkies alike to gather and partake in their passion. We here at SHOUT had the favourable opportunity of testing and perusing the café’s different brands of earphones, notably ones from Venture Electronics that boast sounds of clarity and quality – not to mention the other well-renowned brands the cafe carries – Stax, Bose, Marshall and the likes.
Latte (SGD 5)
Zeppelin and co use beans from illy which bridge their unique taste – one you will from your visit here onwards associate with the café – as good and as relaxing as artisanal coffee, the latte art reigns impressive as a plus point.
Nasi Lemak tea (SGD 8)
Nasi Lemak Tea
A blend of Hojicha, Genmaicha, coconut Osmanthus and black tea, the most pronounced flavour in this unique tea by Ette served in Zeppelin is the coconut and the aromatic roasted green tea flavour. A perfect blend for a savoury and energetic kickstart in purchasing your new headphones.
1, Rochor Canal Road, Sim Lim Square
Singapore 188504
Opening Hours:
Tuesdays to Sundays: 1130am – 8pm
Instagram: @zeppelinandco

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