These Brewery Tanks Located Within A Forest In Taiwan Are Actually Beautiful Homestay Suites!

La Felicita is a bed and breakfast located within the Nine Tree Forest(九樹森林) in Tai-Chung, Taiwan. At first glance, you might mistake this residence as an industrial area with all these brewery tanks. 

Allow us to bring you on this virtual adventure as we dive right into these “tanks”!


Within these tanks are beautifully furnished suites that have all the amenities their guests need to have a comfortable stay. The top of the suites are covered by glass, so that you can have a clear view of the bright morning skies and starry night.


As we take a walk down the spiral staircase, you’ll see that each level is linked together by 4 secure chains. The top-level is a minimally-furnished living area that maximizes the spaciousness of the suite. The use of antique furniture gives you a rather cozy atmosphere, as if you’re going back in time to the good o’ ’60s.


Beneath the retro-looking living area lies a huge bed suspended by yet another 4 secure chains. You can enjoy a good night’s rest within these thick and fluffy bed sheets, something that almost everybody dreams of! I personally would never want to leave my bed if it looks this comfy!

Did we also mention that the layout of the stairs is a great #OOTD spot?


At the bottom of this tank-suite, you’ll find a minimalist bathroom that gives you maximum privacy(aka away from the ceiling window view)! Equipped with a simple toilet essential and a bathtub, you will be pampered with a relaxing bath while hearing the sound of nature!


This bed and breakfast definitely provides guests with an extraordinary experience. You’ll be surrounded by Taiwan’s beautiful nature reserve, as well as the clear night skies where you and your travel partner can spend quality time under!


Do note that due to safety concerns, these suites are not suitable for kids under 10, elderly and also pregnant individuals. 

La Felicita

Address: 南投縣魚池鄉共和村中興巷6-18號 Yüchih, T’Ai-Wan, Taiwan 555

Price Range: NT$3800-6800

Tel: +886 937 587 501

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