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This ‘Cat Hotel’ Is Now A Café With 22 Cats!

With the pandemic affecting everyone, many businesses are finding new ways to adapt to the adversity.  This cat boarding house has transformed into a cozy cafe with 22 feline creatures roaming freely around the compound!


Started off as a ‘Cat Hotel’, Catopia was relocated to a 2-storey shophouse in Joo Chiat to facilitate the café’s operations(since cats are known to escape fast when the doors are open). You can enjoy a cup of coffee while interacting with the 22 resident felines of various breeds, such as British Shorthair, Persian, Maine Coon and many others!


They have quite a list of delicious desserts, such as the trendy Basque Burnt cheesecake(best paired with ice matcha/coffee latte) and waffle with ice cream!


The café is equipped with play areas for cats to jump around, as well as bowls of kitty snacks(where the cats can self-service during meal times). Admission to the café sets you back to $12 for the first hour, where you can get a complimentary drink, and every hour of extension costs $6. The owner advises against feeding or carrying the cats, in case they act up and become aggressive.


Address: 46A Dunlop St, S209375

Opening hours: Opens Daily

Mon 4pm-9pm

Tues-Fri 11am-9pm

Sat & Sun 10am-8pm

Cats’ nap time at 4pm-5pm, Tues-Sun(Cafe will be closed)

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