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Popular Thai-inspired seafood shellout eatery, Seafood Bucket has recently opened its second outlet in City Hall! 

We were curious to see how a Thai-style seafood shellout would compare to regular ones, so we brought our Thai friend to try out their highly raved seafood bucket to see what the hype is all about—and boy were we in for a treat! 

Couple Bucket (1-2pax), $38

Their most popular menu item, the Seafood Bucket, is famous for being super affordable, starting from a pocket-friendly $38 for a Couple Bucket (1-2pax), you get good mix of seafood items like Flower Crab, Crayfish, Squid, Scallops, Clams, Prawns, Mussels and Sweet Corn. What makes this seafood bucket different from those we’re familiar with is their SB Signature Sauce that carries a distinct Thai twist, with a more spicy kick that’s just aroy mak (so delicious)—we couldn’t stop licking our fingers! You can even choose your spice level: mild spicy, spicy or extra spicy. We had the mild spicy and it’s definitely a very comfortable spice level even if you’re not good with spice, with just a little oomph; so if you enjoy spicy food, definitely go straight for the spicy or extra spicy sauce. 

Grilled Jumbo River Prawn, $12/pc

Next up, we have an item that’s highly recommended by our Thai friend (this is her favourite!), the Grilled Jumbo River Prawn ($12/pc) that comes slathered in butter and chock full of creamy “shrimp butter” or tomalley. This giant grilled prawn is considered a delicacy in Thailand and for good reason—the plump and juicy shrimp flesh tastes amazing on its own, but is even better dipped in Seafood Bucket’s house-made tangy and spicy Thai chilli sauce. This is for sure one of the must-try items on the menu after the seafood bucket. 

Thai Style Oyster, $22

If you love raw seafood and sashimi, you should give Seafood Bucket’s fresh seafood menu items a try. The Thai Style Oysters ($22) are served unlike other fresh oysters you’re familiar with—instead of lemon, the oysters are served with Thai lime wedges and an assortment of Thai-style sauces and fried shallots. This is ideal for those who are averse to the briny taste of raw oyster (or beginners) the condiments and sauces are sure to help balance it out and mask the “rawness” of the oyster.

Marinated Raw Prawns, $15

One item you don’t see too often in Singapore are the Marinated Raw Prawns ($15), a kind of sashimi that might not appeal to everyone. While we were at first a little skeptical about eating raw prawns, it turns out there was nothing to be worried about as they were fresh and plump, without any fishy smell. You can have them on its own to savour the natural sweetness of the prawns or you can enhance the taste by eating it together with the raw garlic and chilli, or dip them in Seafood Bucket’s signature Thai chilli sauce for extra oomph. Definitely give the raw prawns a go if you’re looking to try something new. 

Thai Style Salmon Salad, $12

If you’re not too adventurous with your seafood, the Thai Style Salmon Salad ($12) might be a more familiar option for you. The salmon salad is similar to salmon sashimi, except instead of being served raw, these fresh salmon slices are swimming in Seafood Bucket’s very own Thai-inspired sauce concoction for a tangy and refreshing bite. 

Mango Salad, $7

Seafood Tom Yum Soup, $15

Honorable mentions go out to the Mango Salad ($7): crunchy and crisp Thai Mango strips drizzled in a piquant and spicy dressing that makes for a refreshing appetizer. The Seafood Tom Yum Soup ($15) is also very well done: robust and addictively spicy, we couldn’t stop slurping this right up! 

Thai Milk Tea Iced Blend, $4; Thai Green Tea Iced Blend, $4; Watermelon Iced Blend, $4

Thai Chendol, $5; Red Rubies, $5; Mango Sticky Rice, $7

Instead of your regular Thai Milk Tea, try something a little different with their ice blended version of your favourite beverages, such as the Thai Milk Tea Iced Blend ($4) or Thai Green Tea Iced Blend ($4), among others. The ice blended drinks are perfect for cooling down after inhaling all the spicy food, and are much less sweet as compared to the original. To round off the feast, make sure not to miss out on their classic Thai desserts like Thai Chendol ($5), Red Rubies ($5) or Mango Sticky Rice ($7). 

All in all, we (and our Thai friend) were very impressed with everything on the menu, with many of the items being hits. The no frills menu really hit the spot and gave us the authentic Thai flavours we were craving. Definitely save Seafood Bucket for your next gathering with friends or family for some authentic Thai-style seafood and classic Thai dishes!


Address: 3 Coleman Street, Peninsula Shopping Complex #B1-32, Singapore 179804

Opening Hours: 12pm-10.30pm daily