This New Halal Restaurant Has An Open Kitchen And Non-Alcoholic Wine For Romantic Dinner Dates

Gastronomad’s halal fine-dining
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It’s no secret that fine-dining is synonymous with wine. “Always pair your steak with wine,” says everybody, but for our muslim friends and those who do not wish to become a potential road-risk after, this highly-raved culinary combination is simply not an option. Enter Gastronomad, the new kid on the block who’s about to change all that with halal wine.
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Made from grape extracts but with zero alcohol content, halal wine isn’t just grape juice – it’s rich, aromatic, and magically retains some of its alcoholic counterpart’s acidic burn. And yes, it goes very well with the dishes on the menu.
What you need to know about Gastronomad
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Originally an online caterer that did both dessert tables and buffet spreads, Gastronomad is a chic yet cosy joint hidden in the heartlands. Specialising in modern European cuisine and Asian fusion dishes, the eatery also has an open-kitchen concept that allows you to take a peek into what’s usually behind-the-scenes.
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Adventurous souls will also be pleased to know that Gastronomad not only makes it a point to add interesting twists to ordinary dishes, but also revamps its menu every once in a while! With its head chef-cum-owner previously from LeVeL33, you can be sure that no matter the surprise, it’s definitely going to be tasty.
Must-try favourites
At Gastronomad, they take pride in the menu they’ve developed – this means that diners are encouraged to follow through with the standard 3-course meal, and at a leisurely pace.

Gastronomad 5Ghost Chicken

If you’re a huge fan of chicken, get the Ghost Chicken ($12.50) for starters. Seasoned with a variety of herbs and spices like paprika, ghost pepper, and cayenne pepper, the meat is extremely fragrant and juicy. Don’t be misled by its name though – its spice level is only enough to leave a mild tingling on the tongue.

Gastronomad 6In The Sea

For a spicier kick, start with In The Sea ($16.50). Nicely charred with the right balance between chewy and tender, the huge slab of octopus comes with fiery blend of a homemade sambal and squid ink sauce that packed a satisfying punch.

Gastronomad 3Got Beef?

When you’re ready for the mains, do yourself a favour and dig in to Got Beef? ($23.50). Cooked to medium-rare, the steak slices were extremely succulent and at least a finger’s width thick.

Gastronomad 4Got Beef?

Make sure to try the steak with both the habanero potato puree and saffron cauliflower puree to switch things up a little too. Special mention goes to the unassuming potato puree, which pleasantly surprised us with it’s spicy kick – it doesn’t hit you immediately, but it does build up after a while, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Gastronomad 7Saffron Prawn Risotto

If you’ve a big appetite, fill your tummy with the Saffron Prawn Risotto ($22.50) that comes with a generous serving of fresh tiger prawns, mussels, torched mushrooms and tomatoes. The rice was creamy without being overly mushy, and if it gets too cloying towards the end, use the cubes of beetroot to cleanse your palette!

Gastronomad 8Childhood Memories

End it all off on a sweet note with Childhood Memories ($16.50), a delectable creation that is exactly what its name states – a mixture of treats most of us used to eat when we were young.
It’s reminiscent of a banana split, with glazed bananas underneath Ovaltine gelato that’s sprinkled with Ovaltine biscuits, pistachio granola, kacang putih crumbs, and drizzled with butterscotch sauce.
Wine and dine at Gastronomad
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It’s not easy to find a halal restaurant here in Singapore that serves gourmet food and wine, much less one at affordable prices. With sizeable portions that’ll leave you feeling stuffed and happy, Gastronomad is the place to go to make your money’s worth and your date extremely satisfied.  
Gastronomad currently only accepts reservations, so make sure to book a table before heading down for a fancy dinner with a glass of halal wine or two!
Address: #01-30, Thomson V-Two, 11 Sin Ming Road, Singapore 575629
Opening Hours: Thurs – Sat: 5.30PM – 10.30PM | Sun: 8.30AM – 6.30PM
Telephone: 9362 8001

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