Toby's The Dessert Asylum
Burrowed within the Tradehub at Boon Lay Way is the savoury gem amongst the bustling industrial and corporate empire. Opened recently last year in October, Toby’s Dessert Asylum has been restored in the West from its former Parkway Parade counterpart and has even re-aligned its menu to cater to the crowd it currently serves.
Harbouring a distinct American-diner vibe, Toby’s Dessert Asylum pride themselves in serving authentic and delicious American cuisine staples, with different kinds of burger-sandwich combinations and their speciality being their thin-crust pizzas. On top of this, Toby’s takes the initiative for its patrons – and pairs desserts and flavours that suit a myriad palettes, making use of textures and combinations both in their dessert and food menu that qualify an immensely satisfying experience should you take a lunch break or simply feel like visiting.
A simple, yet inviting atmosphere surrounds Toby’s Dessert Asylum amidst the industrial tang and is definitely worth a visit – whether or not you are looking for a full-fledged or quick meal.
Calamari (SGD 9.90)
Crispy and crunchy, with a balanced deep-fry, with a chewy interior best describes Toby’s Dessert Asylum’s Calamari side. This side comes typically with a slice of lemon and delectable tartar sauce.
Spicy Hot Wings (SGD 8.90)
Lovers of hot and spicy food will definitely find an affinity with Toby’s Spicy hot wings. Generously coated with spicy sauce tasting slightly similar to tobasco coupled with the wings’ deep-fried crisp, this side is sure to set your taste buds on fire.
Garlic Pork sandwich (SGD 13.50)
Toby’s Garlic Pork Sandwich resembles a typical dish of a pulled-pork sandwich, except their twist includes delicious and strongly garlic-infused pork alongside sundried tomato focaccia bread, a perfect, tangy complement of tastes.
Grilled Chicken and Sauteed Mushroom Sandwich (SGD 13.50)
Another choice of Sandwich apart from the Garlic Pork Sandwich, Toby’s grilled chicken sandwich is equally not like any other. Generously doused in cheese between the bread and capturing the flavours of the chicken and mushrooms, this sandwich beats any other regular sandwich or burger you might have ever had.
Prawns and Mussels Tagliatelle (SGD 17.90)
Seafood lovers will definitely love this dish. Topped with succulent prawns and three strong-flavoured mussels, the tagliatelle is subtle yet distinct in taste, neither sporting too strong or too weak a taste in comparison to its ingredients. A perfect choice of delectable carbs for lunch.
Classic Italian Pizza (SGD 16.90)
Unlike mushrooms from typical pizza joints, the mushrooms on Toby’s pizzas are chunky and juicy and enhances the taste of its other ingredients. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with a lavish amount of pepperoni on pizza, making this dish delectable and perfect for sharing.
Spicy Chicken Pizza (SGD 14.90)
You never know what you’re crunching into with this pizza dish – fear not, isn’t chilli, it’s everyone’s favourite capsicum. Another spicy choice of food apart from the earlier side dish, this pizza choice similarly delivers to spicy food lovers. Topped with cut capsicum, chewy dices of chicken and pineapples to balance the semi-bitter savoury taste, even the colour of this pizza is inviting.
Beef Stew (SGD 15.90)
Strongly reminiscent of Indian cuisine, Toby’s dish brings out many of the flavours in this dish. A perfect harmony of potatoes, beef and mushrooms doused in thick, creamy yet sharp and delectable gravy, this dish is complemented with garlic rice.
BBQ Baby Ribs (SGD 19.90)
With a choice of potato salad, fries or garlic rice, the ribs remain the star of the dish. Generously drenched in BBQ sauce, the ribs are soft and tender, softer with every bite mixed with the sauce. A shout favourite.
Lemon Demon (SGD 6.90)
A perfect compliment to one of the spicy choices above. Lovers of sour and tangy tastes will like Toby’s Lemon Demon that sports strong lemon tastes, yet remains refreshing.
Rambo-Tan (SGD 5.90)
Comprising of Rambutan and Pineapple blended juice, the ice-blended adds to the great texture of the drink. Comparatively sweeter, this drink makes for a suitable accompaniment to any drink.
Dark Vortex (SGD 6.50)
Coined by a young boy, this drink immediately reminds everyone of their undying love for chocolate. Ice blended dark chocolate with crunchy chips within make for an after-lunch dessert fix.
Want Carat (SGD 9.50)
One of Toby’s initiatives and pairings which include warmed carrot cake and rum&raisin ice cream, Want Carat will make a perfect dessert choice if you love carrot cake. The fact that it is warmed enhances both the cake and the ice cream, pairing the crunch and the sugary perfectly.
Molten Lava (SGD 11.90)
The main highlight of the Molten Lava is the fact that the cake is of a generous size, coupled with the all-time favourite vanilla ice cream that complements the soft exterior and the flowy, delectable interior.
Chocolate Cravings (SGD 10.90)
A definite choice for chocolate lovers, Toby’s Chocolate Cravings involves two whole layers of dark chocolate, further drizzled with chocolate sauce and an inviting sprinkle of nuts. If you’re looking for the “main” in the dessert section, you’ve found it in this delicious and sweet choice.
An Apple A Day (SGD 10.50)
Your typical apple crumble and vanilla ice cream, except Toby’s Apple Crumble is warmed to a balanced temperature that perfectly meshes with the cold and saccharine vanilla ice-cream. You cannot go wrong with this choice for Dessert.

TRADEHUB21 #01-35,
8 Boon Lay Way Singapore 609964

Telephone : (65) 6316 2422

This post is proudly brought to you by Toby’s The Dessert Asylum

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